Author: Chris Ferguson | April 23rd, 2019 | Do your patients need Telemedicine?

Telemedicine conferencingAs the world continues to change, and technology becomes more prevalent, it becomes increasingly important to integrate it with healthcare. Technology and healthcare are already interlaced and they have together saved and improved lives for many. Telemedicine or remote care is another such aspect of technology that focuses on serving the needs of people of any age or at any location.

 It is therefore important to as a provider, to ask yourself whether your patients actually need telemedicine. Statistically, 77 percent of patients are willing to conduct a virtual care encounter, and 19 percent of patients have already done so. Here are some of the benefits of telemedicine, for both, patients and providers.

It’s Much More Efficient

Many patients who visit their Internists have ailments that aren’t that serious, and it’s often the case that rest and recuperation are the best medicine. In such a scenario, telemedicine will be highly beneficial. Nobody wants to be waiting for hours when they are unwell, just to speak to their doctor. The advantage of telemedicine is that the appointment set up can be quick, the appointment times run for no more than 20 minutes.

There is also the added benefit that a telephone appointment cuts out other time-consuming issues, such as patient mobility, and the propensity for conversation. Patients are looking forward to telemedicine because of the fact that it’s much more efficient. 

Convenience is King

Convenience is often the King for patients in the modern world. Think about the role convenience plays in all our lives these days, and how smartphones and digital health tools  – wearables and online health trackers,  play a massive role. When it comes to health, people look for convenience. They want to connect with their doctors on phone or on a video chat, in the comfort of their home and at any hour of the day.

Think about how many medical issues could be quickly resolved through a video chat and without the need for a person to physically visit the doctor’s office. Statistics suggest that around 90% of telehealth outcomes were equal to or better than in-person visits. Convenience and time are some of the key factors in making telemedicine so popular. Consider a scenario where a mother can quickly schedule a telemedicine session, in the middle of the night for her infant suffering with cold and cough. 


Another reason why your patients most probably want telemedicine is because of the fact that it is cost-effective. First, It saves your patients time and money because they don’t have to leave the house, or work, to travel to an appointment. Secondly, it saves you and your practice money because you can meet with patients via a quick phone call, reducing the need for hiring staff, or working long hours in your office. 

It is clear that there are major benefits to telemedicine, especially in the modern world. Telemedicine is the future and it will impact healthcare in a positive way. Allowing providers to treat patients effectively resulting in enhanced patient care, greater patient experience, and increased patient engagement.

If you would like to make Telemedicine as part of your practice, we are here to guide you along the way.


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