Increased Patient Engagement and Shortened Administration Time

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Increased Patient Engagement and Shortened Administration Time

We make it our goal to keep our providers informed about the latest enhancements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest changes improve the practice’s capabilities for patient engagement, transferring lab reports, logging prescription data for audits, and applying billing codes.

Quick and Simple Patient Greeting Emails

This enhancement allows further engage with your patients by sending targeted emails to send to specific groups of patients. The various filters which automatically filter the relevant information for patients include the following:

  • Patient age in years
  • Primary insurance type code
  • Appointment location code
  • Attending provider Tax ID
  • Attending provider NPI
  • Attending provider taxonomy code
  • Encounter primary insurance type code

You can send holiday greetings, birthday messages, and appointment reminders to specific patients or groups of patients by filtering for age, location, provider, and more. Increase your patient outreach with these customizable greetings.

Time-saving Improvements to HL7 Reports, Medical Billing, and

Prescription Audits

When sending HL7 reports, in the Notes & Comments segment, additional drug details such as medication name, strength, dose, dispense, and refills are now added automatically.

Additionally, PrognoCIS now automatically applies specific medical billing codes to VFC vaccines in order save time and reduce the administrative burden in the medical billing process.

You can now  easily search Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) audit trails by drug name, action name, and reason for error, if present. For EPCS providers, you will now receive automatically-generated EPCS reports once a month through the self-schedule process. This fulfills the mandatory reporting requirements for EPCS, and displays all EPCS transactions conducted by the provider during the previous calendar month. Once the report is generated, a notification is sent to the provider screen with the subject line, “EPCS Monthly Report From: <beginning date-end date>.” The beginning and end dates correspond to the first and last dates of the previous month. In order to save time logging information in Prescription audit trails, “Add” and “Update” events are now additionally saved in the audits.
EPCS Audit Trail Search

Where to Find the Latest Information About PrognoCIS EHR

PrognoCIS EHR software is constantly being improved to better suit your needs as a medical provider. Whether in medical billing or e-Prescribing, we are always looking for ways to refine our tools to make healthcare more efficient. Visit for even more information about PrognoCIS including user guides, FAQs and videos. Refer back to our blog in the next few weeks for more EHR software enhancements!