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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote treatment of patients by medical professionals through the use of telecommunication tools such as smartphones, and computers.

Predicted to be worth more than $40 billion by the end of 2020, the convenient and efficient nature of telemedicine makes it a profitable and worthwhile venture for healthcare professionals to create patient engagement and provide value-based care.

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Telemedicine Software Features and Benefits for Physicians:

Telemedicine software makes it easier for patients to access healthcare and improves patient-provider communication while reducing administrative costs for the provider. Patients can quickly schedule remote consultations for urgent or diagnostic needs.

Patients in underserved or rural areas can receive expert diagnosis and treatment from specialty medical centers, it also delivers remote in-home monitoring for senior wellness and preventative care. It even supports “real-time” treatment by first responders using wireless devices.

Read our below case study on how PrognoCIS has helped United Concierge Medicine revolutionize doctor-to-patient interaction since 2015.

Custom Telemedicine Mobile Apps

PrognoCIS HIPAA compliant telemedicine EHR software are designed to extend the functions and connectivity of your practice’s EHR software using integrated virtual care mobile applications. Text, email and video work together to make patient engagement only a click away, providing the most convenient working conditions to see more patients at lower costs.

Quickly access patient charts, monitor patients remotely and grow your practice beyond your physical location.

For a complete up to date state by state regulations please visit Law and Policies by State

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Making the case for Medical Providers to Continue Practicing Virtually

The COVID-19 World Pandemic will come to pass in the future. However the continued need to assess patients remotely will remain. When this pandemic resolves as a contagious virus, the psychological impact will remain. For some patients they will get over the presumptive apprehension of gatherings both large and small as our “Social Distancing” boundaries will begin shrink. People will again gather in groups. These groups could be attendance at sporting events, musical performances, social gatherings and trade shows or business conferences. To identify a few, however, what about the people that will be apprehensive of joining or attending such events.

Going forwards, some of these patients may not want to sit idle in a clinic waiting room or hospital lobby. The lingering effect of taught and enforced  social distancing will last. Some folks will jump right back in, however a portion of the population may take months, years or even a lifetime to recover psychologically from this pandemic and the awareness it has brought.

The pivot to virtual visits has been made. Embrace the technology of Telemedicine and keep it as a service offering to the many patients that will require distancing for their own comfort levels.

Telemedicine will never remove the need for personal physical attention and medical care / treatment. The opposite effect of social distancing will also come to play. The people that are feeling lonely and isolated due to Quarantine  and mandatory separation from other people. There will become a need for balance between personal and virtual visits.

Another Pandemic is in the future, history dictates this fact. We do not know when, origin or severity but staying prepared is prudent for certain. Each and every year we face a Flu and Cold Season all over the globe. Patients will look to virtual visits (Telehealth) during their time of illnesses going forward.

Telemedicine software is still finding its way into the medical services industry. Like all technology, the ease of use and access will become more seamless. 

3 Steps to Add Telemedicine Software to Your Practice 

View the complete recording of the Webinar  with Keith Algozzine, CEO of United Concierge Medicine. You can jump to some of the key points listed below.

  1. Workflow Diagram (5:38)
  2. Customized Telemedicine Mobile App (7:00)
  3. Patient Consult Request (9:38)
  4. Provider Mobile App View (11:25)
  5. Telemedicine Website Access (19:20)
  6. Advantages of Integrating with PrognoCIS EHR (22:34)

Telehealth Software – Connect with Patients Remotely

PrognoCIS HIPAA compliant telemedicine software and mobile app enable providers to remotely access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication. 

Solutions scale from single physician clinics (solo & private practice) to large, multi-site and specialty medical facilities.

Medical practices can communicate seamlessly with radiology departments, labs, pharmacies, and other referring doctors.

Other Telehealth Software and App Features Include:

  • Multiple data entry methods: point-and-click, voice and handwriting recognition
  • Scheduling management and health reminders
  • E-prescription and lab automation
  • Compatibility with iPhone and iPad (Dragon Voice Recognition integrated into PrognoCIS Telemedicine mobile app)
  • HIPAA Compliant; CCHIT; HL-7 interfacing

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