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Electronic Health Records Software

Fully Integrated EHR solution for any Medical Practice

The Advanced EHR Software from PrognoCIS offers a customizable workflow designed for your practice. PrognoCIS EHR System also offers Medical Billing Services, Telemedicine with Custom Mobile Apps, Integrated Patient Payments, and more.

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Electronic Health Record Software: Revolutionize Healthcare Management

A great Electronic Health Record system prioritizes user-friendliness, scalability, security while offering tools for practice management, billing, and while providing the ability to exchange health information with various providers, patients, and health care entities

PrognoCIS EHR Solution is built to provide ease of use, quick charting, and greater satisfaction for providers and better health outcomes for patients. 

Experience a Fully Integrated EHR Solution that Caters to the Unique Needs of your Medical Practice

Embrace innovation with PrognoCIScutting-edge Electronic Health Record Software, Striving to exceed your expectations by providing fully integrated Practice Management tools, Medical Billing, Telemedicine, Custom Mobile Apps, Portals and so much more!  

Electronic Health Record Software: For Your Practice Efficiency!


Customizable templates, automated workflows, smart phrases, and progress notes tailored to your specialty. You can easily share documents with patients and providers, utilize voice dictation for efficient data entry, and enhance overall practice efficiency.

Integrated Billing Solution

Our solution simplifies billing with auto-generated claims and electronic submission, streamlines payment tracking, and improves revenue management with error-minimizing tools. It also offers flexible fee schedules and advanced reporting for billing insights.

Practice Management Tools

Robust appointment scheduling, reminders, case management, authorization requests, eligibility checks, and referral management enhance operations, reduce no-shows, streamline data, ensure billing accuracy, and improve provider communication.

e-Prescribing (eRx)

Our solution streamlines prescribing with E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances, real-time prescription benefits, and comprehensive medication history. We prioritize safety with drug alerts, federal drug access, electronic authorization, and PDMP integration.

Patient Engagement Tools

Patient portal and user-friendly apps make medical info and appointments easy to access. Online document sharing fosters seamless patient-provider communication, while access to educational materials informs decisions. Online payments simplify the healthcare experience for all.


Patients can connect with their providers through secure video conferencing, ensuring privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations. Email and text reminders keep patients informed and engaged, and our platform is easily accessible via email, text, and a user-friendly app.

Population Health Dashboard for MACRA/MIPS Reporting

Includes reporting with automatic data capture. Advanced dashboards keep a close eye on your success throughout the year, ensuring you're on track. For end-of-year reporting, we make it easy and efficient, so you can focus on providing excellent care.


The Support Team is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, and case management. Our Resource Center Library offers helpful videos, documentation, and FAQs for your convenience. Implementation and training comes with an expert manager to help your needs.

Explore The Features & Capabilities Of PrognoCIS EHR Software

EHR/EMR Software - Dashboard

Easy to use templates 

Automated workflows 

Customizable Smart Phrases to speed up documentation 

Specialty templates specific to the needs of your practice 

Dozens of Progress Note styles to choose or create your own 

Easily share documents with patients and provider

Comprehensive Federal Drug Database List 

Comprehensive Mail Order and Retail Pharmacy List  

• Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances 

• Electronics Prior Authorization  

• Real-Time Prescription Benefit 

Medication History 

Drug interaction alerts 

Read more about e-Prescribing

Ease of completing State and Federal regulatory forms 

Customizable Specialty related forms 

Increased productivity 

•  Increased Precision

•  Saves time

•  EHR Integration

•  Ease of Use

•  Ease of Documentation

•  Increases trust and credibility

Provides coordination of care amongst providers 

Accuracy in documentation and billing

Successful business tracking information 

Better communication with patients 

•  Maintain a consistent cadence for your AR aging report (weekly or monthly).

•  Allow for essential revisions if the patient fails to pay his or her bills on time.

•  Identifies problem areas  

•  Assists you in analyzing how your business operate.

Aides in setting up payments arrangements where needed 

Secure method for sending control substances

Prevents counterfeit prescriptions

•  Increasing e-prescribing rates to assist in meeting CMS monitoring requirements

Reduce errors in prescribing

Electronic Prior Authorization 

Read More About EPCS

•  Timely access to health information.

On-line scheduling or requesting of appointments

Ability to upload medical records on-line

On-line bill pay

Secure Messaging 

Read More About Patient Portal

Maximized compliance with MACRA/MIPS regulatory requirements 

Claims based, eCQM based and registrybased reporting 

• Dashboards and reports to help you stay on track

Assistance with end of year reporting 

Avoid negative payments

Read More About Macra

Referral Tracking 

Secure Provider Network 

•  Real-Time Referral Reporting

Share documents via CCD Files in a secure network 

Read More About Referral Management System

•  Administrative Overhead and Costs are Reduced

•  Billing and payment processes streamlined

Automated payment posting

Customizable Billing and Collections reports

Ease of payment tracking

Read More About Account Receivable Management


Claims Submission 


Status Tracking 

Returned and Rejected claim tracking 

•  Administrative overhead and  costs reduced

Knowledgeable staff ready to assist anytime

After hours and weekend assistance 

Multiple ways to contact- phone, chat and managed cases 

Read More About Technical Support

• Customize schedule

• Send appointment reminders

• Use patient portal

• Online patient payments

• Custom Medical Forms

• Staff Accounts

• Superbill

• Track their symptoms
schedule a follow-up appointment

• HIPAA Compliant telehealth application

Ease of scheduling appointment 

Video conferencing 

Patient portal app/patient portal 

• Patient Portal app/ Patient Portal web 

Appointment reminder notifications 

Read More About Telemedicine

• HIPAA compliant platform to store Financial information

Increased Revenue 

Built in CCI edits 

Scrubber checks to ensure clean claims 

• Easy access to clinical and administrative data for coding accuracy and clean claim submissions

Easy cross checks of claims to encounters to ensue no claims get missed 

 Medical Billing

• Enhances patient healthcare

• Predicts high-risk patients easily and accurately

• EHRs make patient diagnostics easier

• Ensures the higher healthcare expenses are reduced

• Increases understanding of patient cohorts

•Pre-authorization supports evidence-based care and provider input.

• Reduces costs

Pre-authorization guarantees the payment for services provided 

Read More About EPA and Its Benefits

Convenient order tracking  

Review all Lab and Radiology results all in one dedicated screen 

EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) 

Increase accuracies in ordering 

Read More About CPOE

Maximize Productivity with Cloud-Based EHR/EMR Software!

Send Prescriptions

Share documents through portals

Send orders and get results Electronically

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Electronically Payment Posting


Send Prescriptions

Share documents through portals

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Electronically Payment Posting

Send orders and get results Electronically


Play Video

Electronically Send Prescriptions

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Send orders and get results Electronically

Share documents through portals

Electronically Payment Posting


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Increase Productivity with EHR Software


Monthly fees range for Prognocis Electronic Health record software from $280-$450 per provider depending on the providers credentials and modules of the program you need.

At Prognocis, We have customers all over the Country and in other countries, our customer service is available early East coast to late West Coast hoursWe have live customer service representatives by phone or by chat and we also offer a support ticket system 

Yes, we can! We have the ability to import data and transfer data through a standard export process. 

Yes, you can use PrognoCIS EHR Platform on any device, Laptop, PC, tablets and even phonesIt is compatible with is IOS and Android.

We adhere to the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules and provide 3rd Party Compliance. We are Federally Compliant with MACRA and do regular updates.

PrognoCIS EHR Solution is a cloudbased and accessed on any device from anywhere in the worldWe have a fully integrated software with Practice Management and integrated billing, mobile apps, portals, telemedicine and more. We can integrations with outside vendors such as labs, radiology, vaccine registries, HIE, and more.  

No, while we would hope that you would love to stay with us long term, PrognoCIS EHR Software is on a month to month basis.  

PrognoCIS is scalable and can accommodate offices of all sizes big or small. With PrognoCIS you can have as many users as necessaryYou can multiple locationsWe can even handle multiple specialties As you grow we grow with you!  

What Our Customers say

Jerri Patterson
Jerri PattersonNP, Integrated Pain Solutions
Read More
"In the ever-changing world of medicine, a collaborative working relationship is tantamount – and Bizmatics has gone over and above for us...I can pick up the phone anytime, discuss a problem, and come up with a solution with their team... For a pain management practice, it’s the way to go."
Dr. Hardeep Minhas
Dr. Hardeep MinhasDPM, NWI Foot and Ankle CLinic
Read More
“The overall software experience with PrognoCIS has been excellent. The ability to transition seamlessly between EMR and billing with a single ‘click of a button’ is a standout feature...Integrating EMR and billing in one place has been a game-changer and significant improvement.”
Dr. Joseph Ciuffo
Dr. Joseph CiuffoMD, HealthCor Corporate Medical Services
Read More
"With the built-in Employer Protocols, our EHR system is automatically customized for each client’s account. The staff know exactly what to do from check-in to check-out, so training is easy. After services are performed, information can be quickly disseminated to the ordering client and patient. PrognoCIS has completely changed the way we work."
Dr. Sasha Davidson
Dr. Sasha DavidsonMD, Signature Perinatal
Read More
"PrognoCIS EHR has given us the ability to customize our own notes and templates... Progress notes, Ultrasound Reports, Important Patient Messages etc. are all stored in the document list, which can be filtered to find exactly what you need, without having to scroll a lot of through unnecessary documents, saving time."
Dr. Marc Cheng
Dr. Marc ChengMD
Read More
“I have worked with PrognoCIS for about 10 years and have really enjoyed the support and product. The EMR is very convenient for me to access everything I need to make clinical decisions quickly. Ordering test, completing my chart, and sending electronic prescriptions are some of my favorite features...I highly recommend PrognoCIS."
Dr. Ziba Monfared
Dr. Ziba MonfaredMD
Read More
"Using the PrognoCIS EMR system has enabled me quick access to my patient's records and avoid the hassles of looking for patient information which ultimately helped me with better care and at an efficient time. I have found PrognoCIS more beneficial visually, better interaction and communication with my patients."

Key Features of PrognoCIS EHR System

Looking for the most suitable Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software to incorporate within a healthcare practice can be a detailed process. At times, Integrated EHR Software can be time-consuming because of the lengthy workflow.

The solution lies in looking for a customizable EHR solution, which empowers healthcare practitioners to deliver services proficiently.
A certified EMR system is the most appropriate solution for enhancing the workflow and overall resourcefulness of a healthcare practice. 
The ultimate effect of developing a customized Electronic Health Records platform is not just the benefits it has for healthcare providers and their staff, but also the positive impact it has on the patients and healthcare professionals, pharmacists and, lab technicians.
At prognoCIS, We offer cloud-based EHR Software for your medical practices. Contact our team for a transformative experience!
"Using the Prognocis EMR system has enabled me quick access to my patient's records and avoid the hassles of looking for patient information which ultimately helped me with better care and at an efficient time. I have found prognoCis more beneficial visually, better interaction and communication with my patients"
"It is with pleasure that I recommend PrognoCIS EMR software and Revenue management. I spend less time charting with the user-friendly EMR, and our collections improved immediately with Michelle and her staff of professional billers. To be blunt, they reduce stress. Thank you PrognoCIS."
"I have been very pleased with the service I get regarding my billing with PrognoCIS EHR software. The team I am assigned with is wonderful! We communicate daily, we work together, all of my questions are answered and problems solved in a timely manner and we continuously work on strategies to make the process more efficient. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them to all of my colleagues."
"The team is very reliable and transparent in their billing activities. Denials are worked on to the best they could. Our billing manager, Dawn, always addressed any questions or concerns that we have. We communicate with her on a regular basis. Highly recommend Prognocis RCM."

More Testimonials

Most Advanced and Affordable EMR/EHR Software

  • PrognoCIS EHR Solution offers Excellent customer service, EHR training, and support.
  • Access patient records, and prescribe medication remotely with our mobile app 
  • Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty practices; cloud-based or client-server models available 
  • Seamless communication between your practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors 
  • Complete scheduling management, text reminders, e-prescription, and lab automation 
  • Mac, iPhone and iPad compatible
  • HIPAA Compliant, CCHIT, ONC-ACB, HL-7 interfacing
  • Read all our latest and archived blogs on EHR and healthcare IT

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

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