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Continue EHR Team Training in Order to Reach Optimal Productivity

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Healthcare providers feel unable to tap the full potential of their EHR software. The answer seems to lie in the form of team training in order to reach optimal productivity and expertise.

Get The Most Out of Your EHR!

A common complaint among healthcare providers is that they don’t feel they’re getting the most out of their electronic health record (EHR) systems. Interestingly enough, they’re probably right. Many providers lack the training to use their EHRs to their full potential. By offering constant training, providers can guarantee that the technology will be worth the investment.

Without proper training, EHRs can seem complicated and confusing. Users often waste time trying to figure out the system without realizing that there’s a simpler way to complete their tasks. By training a team in EHRs, physicians can make sure that inefficiency will no longer be a problem.

Training a strong team is crucial. The system’s users need to be able to handle anything that may come up once the system is implemented. In order to ensure that the team stays up to date, ongoing training is highly recommended. The ever-changing technology will regularly require more training in order to eliminate confusion among the team.

The most effective way to go about training is to select a small group of individuals and teach them the various aspects of the system. Then, once they’re proficient in EHR, they can teach the system to the rest of the staff. In doing so, the training process is distributed and after the vendors leave, there will be people on staff who can provide additional help should any problems arise. It’s important that the training team makes sure to check up on the system users frequently. Any issues, questions, or training problems need to be solved quickly before any bad habits are established.

Training a team in EHR can be an expensive process. However, without proper training, the practice won’t receive all the benefits that EHR can provide. The cost of the software, the vendor’s training time, and the provider’s training time, all need to be taken into consideration when choosing an EHR system.

In smaller practices, the cost of training and implementation may be cause for concern. However, it’s possible to train just one person in the operations of the EHR. This individual will learn the ins and outs of the system in order to help the rest of the team. Training one staff member in EHR is cost effective while ensuring that the provider is still getting the most out of their EHR system.

Even with the right training, there will always be more to learn as new technology is introduced and EHR systems are improved. With continuous training and a strong team, this technology can drive revenue and ultimately help the practice.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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2 thoughts on “Continue EHR Team Training in Order to Reach Optimal Productivity

  1. I agree that it is extremely important for providers to be well trained in their EHR systems. Though it may be an expensive process, costing both time and money, the end result will allow physicians to better care for their patients.

  2. Training a strong “core team”, as described above, is the best way, but sometimes will only work in a larger, more organized practice.

    Often times when dealing with smaller primary care practices, where turnover is high, your “core team” might consist of one, or two people and the probability of losing that team and their accumulated knowledge is higher.

    Something that I think supplements and benefits both your smaller and large healthcare organizations, is to have a training video library as well as context sensitive help wizards, that can be turned on per user, to help them be aware of features that they might otherwise overlook and how to use them. PrognoCIS features both of these methods of training assistance.

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