[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the future, people will look back to the year 2012 and remember when their doctor’s office went through a transition. They’ll recall when the doctor used to handwrite their prescription on a “piece of paper”. This transition will be life changing for all involved. The medical practice finally gave up their paper and began using an EMR. Although the transition was trying at times, eventually the EMR became the Central Nervous System of the Medical Practice. As soon as the transition plan is put in motion and the desire to embrace this technology life is changed forever. 2012 will show you tremendous advancements in Electronic Medical Records. This industry is now seasoned and ready for Prime Time.

Benefits to the Provider:

  • The efficiency gained in quality time spent with patients. When the learning curve is put behind you, medical practices will revel in the new world of EMR.
  • Cost Savings will be realized as the initial EMR investment has been made. Cost of staff, materials, time wasted in hunting for that stray paper chart.
  • Increased Revenue due to the efficiency of more accurate billing, coding & number of patients every day.
  • Flexible LifeStyle can be experienced with the HIPPA compliant certified EMR.
  • Magic at your fingertips when you can easily access a patient’s detailed record in a virtual environment.

Benefits to the Staff:

  • Reduced stress perception by not having to look at stacks of horizontal paper charts to sift through.
  • Teamwork improvement happens through a central repository of information regarding the safe care of patients records and details of any next step required.
  • Clean work environment by no longer having dust collecting paper charts.
  • Go home on time by not being forced to stay late and recover from a day of paper chasing.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Improved confidence in their medical provider’s ability to ensure diagnoses and Rx potential interactions.
  • Rx sent directly to the drug store of their choice and not losing the paper script
  • Better communication between primary care and specialist providers discussing their care
  • Patients and families have more accurate information to assist in making informed medical decisions.

Many more benefits are being experienced by medical practices in the current EMR environment. EMR medical software has come a long way in a short period of time. the past 10 years have experienced tremendous strides made in Primary Care & Specialty content and workflow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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