La Jolla, CA: PrognoCIS has announced its new offering to current and potential Electronic Medical Records users. A state of the art scanning and document attaching service to “Rid the Practice of Paper” says Chris Ferguson, Executive VP of Sales at PrognoCIS. We can now offer a full service scanning and attaching service to as a product offering to our clients.


When the physician practice decides to move to the 21st Century of HealthCare Information Technology as the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama words It, and acts on an EMR solution; the questions begin with “how & what do I do with my current wall or room of paper charts. How does the EMR today help us rid ourselves of this traditional paper chart documentation?  PrognoCIS can not only assist with the scanning, but perhaps more importantly, the direct distribution and correct placement of the now digitized document into the PrognoCIS’s appropriate place. Anybody can scan, but the act of placement into the right documented category is of paramount importance.  This service available today can help a practice to go as paperless as they are comfortable with as quickly as they would like.


This partnership has now successfully transitioned traditional paper charts to a fully functioning EMR, and is ready to introduce this service as an additional offering to its client list.



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