The mist is finally clearing in the EMR marketplace, and EMR medical software is no longer a concept that needs to be explained to physicians. Indeed, many are now onto their second or even their third EMR implementation.  These were the early adopters who, out of curiosity and/or real need, jumped in – and most of them were sorry they did.

Back in the early part of the 2000s, there were no real criteria set as to what an EMR should do, so comparing apples to a pumpkin seed was more the norm than apples to apples. With the advent of EMR certifications in 2007, pushed by the Government, physicians are quickly becoming aware of what they should be expecting of their EMR. Software vendors, in turn, are being held to a standard and have had to make sure that their systems deliver accordingly. Thus, physicians have become more sophisticated in their expectations of an EMR medical software, not only in terms of features and functionality, but also with their expectations of the implementation and training services provided. They realize that methodical, well-organized implementation and training plans are crucial for a successful launch of their EMR. You can have the best system in the world, but if the vendor is unable to analyze your workflows and tweak the system to match your requirements, or is unable to communicate well to you and your staff, then it will just fizzle on the launch pad.

The last piece to the puzzle is responsive, on-going support, so that during the launch phase, your EMR rocket will continue to accelerate. It’ll eventually settle into a successful, peaceful orbit, after which minor corrections might be required from time to time.  So, while the previous years have bred skepticism, we’re seeing products improve as doctors think twice before being bulldozed into a high price EMR medical software by a “large EMR Company.”  No longer will they simply write out a check based on a large brand name – and that’s healthy!

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