Training and implementation is where the post-sale perception begins. Electronic medical record companies are experiencing growth as medical practices begin to move towards EMR Software at levels not seen to this date. Medical Practices can have a variety of reasons to make this transition from traditional paper medical record keeping to Electronic Medical Records. Some are hoping to capitalize on the ARRA Stimulus dollars others may just feel the time is right, and the inefficiency on paper tracking is overwhelming. Training and implementation has two partners; the EMR vendor and the Medical Practice customer. There are responsibilities shared by both, and a working together will get the customer off to the right start. A lack of training can happen if the customer is not fully vested in learning what they have just bought. The implementation team is the first true experience post sale, and if the training is not complete, software issues can arise. Many times, customers calling into technical support phone lines are asking training related questions rather than true software code issues and “Bugs”.

Customer service is critical if an EMR company wishes to continue competing for new customers. As the demand for EMR implementations increase, companies are gearing up to handle these new customers. The tolerance for slow to act EMR technical support is thin. PrognoCIS is no different in this regard. There are many ways to communicate an issue being experienced by the practice. The number one way is to simply pick up the telephone and call. In most cases, medical practices having a problem understand if they do not have that problem fixed immediately, but are satisfied in the fact they actually spoke to a person an expressed themselves. As the peak of customer service goes, the follow through is what closes the outstanding item, then follow up to confirm the customer is satisfied.

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