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2019 Holiday Wish List

An EHR That Is,

  • Reliable
  • User-Friendly 
  • Tailored to My clinic’s needs
  • Secure AWS Cloud hosting
  • Integrated Telehealth & Payment Module
  • Look younger and lose 10lbs
  • Fast accurate documentation flow.

Make My Clinic More Accessible,

Telehealth App integration

PrognoCIS Telemedicine EHR solutions are
designed to extend the functions and
connectivity of your practice’s EHR software
using integrated mobile applications. Text,
email and video work together to make
patient engagement only a click away,
providing the most convenient working
conditions to see more patients at lower costs.

Maximum Reimbursement

When Every Dollar Counts


Using PrognoCIS EHR your practice can benefit from these services provided by our experts. 

  • Medical Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Credentialing Services
  • Account Resolution
PrognoCIS EHR can work on Any Platform & with Any Specialty

Take the time to fully appreciate our 19 years of continuous development and terabytes of data analysis. Working closely with EHR clinics just like you we have created an unmatched workflow, documentation, customization and intuitive user interface. 





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