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One-Click Lab Results, Custom Patient Alerts

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One-Click Lab Results, Custom Patient Alerts

Hello again from PrognoCIS! We make frequent efforts to keep our doctors informed about the latest enhancements to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. These newest changes benefit your practice’s ability to export HL7 Lab Results, create Patient Alerts, and meet your reporting requirements under the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Export Your Lab Results In Bulk With One Click

Generating the HTML file for a huge amount of HL7 lab results can be a tedious process, which is why we have created a new button, expResult, that exports your lab results in one click.

This function defines a folder to send your Lab data. When the lab results output file is found in the defined folder, click the on expResult button. The order numbers will automatically appear in a column and the Result Template Html will be generated for each lab result. This file will then be converted to a .pdf with the name “OrderNo.pdf,” and the file will be copied into the defined folder mentioned above.

To access this feature, use the following path: Settings Configuration→ click on Lab under Vendors column→ select a lab.

Create and Customize Patient Alerts

Keep track of your customizable patient alerts with this new functionality. You can now create patient alerts, update them as you may, or delete them at your convenience.

To customize your Patient Alerts, go to the following menu: Settings Configuration→under Admin column, click Role. From there you will be able to access, edit, and create Patient Alerts.

Software Upgrade Popup Message on MU/QPPScreen

The latest version of PrognoCIS comes in conjunction with our recent MACRA certification. Now that PrognoCIS is a MACRA-certified EHR product, you will be able to meet your reporting requirements for 2017 and beyond!

On the MU/QPP Screen, when you click on the MU/QPP Settings button, you should receive a popup with further details about the software upgrade, along with a training video that explains the new screen. You will also see a link to register for one of our MACRA webinars in order to get even more details about all the features in the upgraded version of PrognoCIS.

If you don’t see the popup, please contact technical support.

Keep Up To Date About PrognoCIS EHR Software Enhancements

PrognoCIS EHR software is always being improved and refined to meet your changing needs as a medical provider. We will continue to post the latest enhancements as they come. Check in on the latest with our EHR newsletter. There you can find out about product enhancements and the latest EHR industry news. If you have more questions about our software,  Contact Us or visit our Support Page.

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