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PrognoFax* is the in-cloud e-faxing service offered by PrognoCIS. With no hardware installation required, PrognoFax enables you to quickly send one-touch faxes anywhere, anytime.

By selecting PrognoFax, your practice will:

  • Increase productivity; staff will be able to fax online or via email.
  • Protect your faxes with firewalls, redundancy, and other secure-fax technologies.
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA, and other federal regulations, when faxing.
  • Avoid costly fees for in-house fax servers and outdated fax machines

Learn more about how PrognoFax can improve your workflow.

Text Messaging in PrognoCIS

Our texting messaging service allows medical staff to send “appointment reminder” text messages to patients. This convenient, time and money saving feature enables office staff to communicate easily with the patients. Automated appointment reminders enhance productivity for the medical practice as well as for the patients and ultimately lead to reduced cancellations and decreased no-shows.

Confirming appointments is made simple with text reminders. Simply send the appointment reminder via text message and ask for the patient to respond with “Y” for yes and “N” for no.

After they reply, their appointment status will automatically change within PrognoCIS to “Scheduled” or “Cancelled by Patient” based on their response.

Once you submit the agreement to sign up for the text messaging feature, we will enable it within the application to give you access. Setup takes 3-5 business days and includes complete training on how to use the feature.

*PrognoFax is an outbound faxing service only

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Save money by bundling our faxing and texting services:

Faxing & Texting Bundle Fees:
Silver: 1000 Msg & 1000 Pg: $73
Gold: 1500 Msg & 3000 Pg: $125
Platinum: 3000 Msg & 3000 Pg: $200

Outbound Faxing Fees:
Up to 400 Pages: $25 (.06/page)
Up to 1000 Pages: $40 (.04/page)
Up to 3000 Pages: $90 (.03/page)

Text Reminder Fees:
500 Messages: $25 (.05/text)
1000 Messages: $50 (.05/text)
1500 Messages: $75 (.05/text)
3000 Messages: $150 (.05/text)

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