Four Fast Ways to Ease The Stress of Running Your Practice

April 21st, 2017 /
Vikram Maindan
/ 3 Min Read

April is national stress awareness month. So, in appreciation of our provider-clients, we are providing some productive suggestions to decrease the stress of operating an independent practice (high stress) in a medical environment (more stress) while adding to the bottom line (decreasing stress).

It’s important as a medical practitioner to maintain a balance at work that results in decreasing as much stress as possible. We understand your passion to provide patients the best treatment possible, which requires time, attention, and hard work. On the other hand, running a medical practice is like any business, which makes it is easy to get burned out in a fast-paced, high-stress environment. This may lead to a lack of productivity, which is detrimental to forward progress and opportunity lost for proactive practice expansion.

Here are a few suggestions to alleviate the stress of running a medical practice:

1. Get Help with Medical Billing Services

Running a medical practice often not only involves providing care to patients but also becoming deeply involved in accounting. Errors in the billing cycle can be quite common if the person doing medical coding is inexperienced. The amount of time misspent worrying about the nuances of payment collections could be used to focus on connecting with your patients.
PrognoCIS provides medical billing practice management, or Revenue Cycle Management, a Telemedicine solution along with our EHR software. Your practice can benefit from thousands of man-hours in combined payment experience, delivering optimized returns, and shorter payment cycles.

2. Shorten Revenue Cycles with Debt Collection Services

There are four kinds of payers: those that pay upon receipt, those that need a reminder to make their payments, those that need more than one reminder, and those that deliberately avoid payment. How can you effectively run your practice while dealing with all the different types of payers?
Many companies can take over bill collection for a small fee. Transworld Systems, Inc. (TSI), for example, partners with PrognoCIS and offers a suite of services to reduce the volume of delinquent collections and encourages rapid resolution of past-due patient balances directly to the practice. The collection is a delicate process like customer service, and companies like TSI ease the strain on your practice by following up with patients in a way that is both diplomatic and ensures quick debt resolution.

3. Make Adjustments for a Healthier Work-Life Balance

You’ve already completed the residency part of your medical training. Don’t forget that in order to serve your patients better you don’t want to overload yourself with work. Taking regular breaks, making sure you get enough sleep, practicing mindfulness and meditation are very effective ways to relieve stress. Make sure to focus on being in the best physical and mental condition by taking care of yourself and not overworking.

4. Exercise Your Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs are implemented to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. They can range from providing health assessments to staff, health coaching services, opportunities to exercise at work. Many clinics have implemented them with much success, and is a good option, even on a small scale.
By implementing employee wellness programs and encouraging the medical staff to live a healthy lifestyle, practices have been seen to reduce employee absenteeism and save money on training and recruiting new employees.

Creating a Pleasant Medical Office Environment

A good work-life balance can take some work to achieve, but in the end, it will alleviate stress and improve your medical practice’s work environment. Be mindful of workloads to avoid overworking employees and fatigue. Reduced stress will increase productivity, progress, and opportunity to productively engage patients. Practices that implement employee wellness programs have a healthier and happier staff, which makes work run more smoothly and maximizes operational efficiency. If you can offload medical billing and debt collections, you won’t have to make patient visits by day and work on claims by night. If you follow these simple steps, you can easily reduce stress in your practice and take steps in the direction of a healthy practice for both the patients and practitioners.

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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