Free EHR Software Trial for 60 days

Free EHR Software Trial for 60 days

See for yourself how PrognoCIS is More Than A Great EHR

Use PrognoCIS EHR for 60 Days, then Continue

PrognoCIS is more than just another EHR. So much more that we’d really like for you to get the most out of your free trial by  scheduling an EHR demonstration. Once you’ve consulted with one of our experts, they will activate the EHR free trial of PrognoCIS for you. You may either call us at 1.877.693.6748 or fill out the form, and an EHR consultant will reach out to you to begin activating your free trial.

Of course, we know that you’re excited to look at PrognoCIS. So, the sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can get started with EHR software designed with a top-down workflow – beginning with patient scheduling all the way through medical billing. PrognoCIS has EMR features that facilitate more patient  time and faster notation and charting, like keeping a favorites list of commonly used diagnosis which populate your customized forms with a simple mouse click.

  • Recover maximum compensation with complete MACRA (certification in process) and ICD-10 features
  • “One Stop Shopping” with Practice management, medical billing, patient portal services & credentialing
  • Subscription plans customized to suit your practice and number of providers

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You are invited to unlock the power of PrognoCIS. Give it a test run – take a look through the workflow and input your own test data. When you sign up for a Free 60-Day Trial of PrognoCIS EHR, you’ll receive full access to PrognoCIS without any restrictions on data size, numbers of patients or encounters. And when you’re ready to go live, you already have your account set up – there’s no need to migrate to another account.

After the account is set up, you’ll receive an email with further instructions to guide you through the application. After the demonstration with our EHR experts, you’ll be able to schedule patients, create all standard documentation and route workflow throughout your practice.
You’ll be able to clearly evaluate this cloud-based, ICD-10 compliant, full Meaningful Use 2 certified software and have support agents waiting to answer any questions.

See for yourself how easy it is to use PrognoCIS EHR and sign up for your free trial today.