Google created its own Health EMR App free for consumers much like their Gmail or Drive products. With this app users could monitor their own health statistics and store electronic health records.

Google’s EMR Plans

Google’s electronic medical record (EMR) application, Health, didn’t go as Google planned it.  Health was created as a consumer-centered approach to health care that everyone would want to use, much like the success Google Maps had. The problem was that no one used it, despite the fact that it was even free. For that, Google announced in a blog post that they will be discontinuing service to their EMR next year.

Google created Health in 2008 as a way for patients to monitor their own health statistics and store medical records.  Patients could also permit others to view their EMR information as well, such as family members and doctors.  Health didn’t catch on the way they had planned and managed to reach only the computer savvy and the fitness enthusiasts.  Google stated that they will be terminating service to Health on January 1st, 2012.  Patients’ uploaded electronic medical records will be available to be viewed and downloaded until January 1st of 2013 and then the all records will be deleted.