Every medical practice has challenges during the transition from the traditional paper charting process to an EMR. Just like no two practices are alike, no practice experiences the same challenge. The degree of tech savvy and desire to make the conversion a success is dependent upon your relationship with the team assigned to train and implement. Once you’ve selected the EMR, which you feel best suits your practice needs and workflow, the real work has begun.

Steps for a smooth transition:

  • Communicate with your assigned implementation specialist
  • Understand that you’re now working as a team member with your implementation specialist
  • Being conscious of the specialist’s time when working for your practice
  • Every practice has special needs and requirements, investment of training time and patience will resolve many identified issues

Having trust in your implementation specialist to get you started towards the paperless office is very important. These trained specialist convert medical practices all of the time, and know how to get it done.

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