With the constant lightning-speed advancement of healthcare information technology, doctors can understandably feel intimidated and left in the dark. With little or no computer experience, climbing Mt. Everest probably sounds easier than learning to use EMR software. Bizmatics gladly offers the technology-shy (and the technology savvy) a leg up with easing into EMR and learning the nuts and bolts of their PrognoCIS software.

Lack of experience with computers, Anthony Bates claims, makes some doctors approach implementing electronic medical record technology with hesitation – especially those of the Baby Boomer generation who did not grow up using computers. How can technology-phobic doctors be helped to overcome their fear of using EMR technology? “There are several ways we can help them bridge that fear,” Bates readily offers. The first being with Nuance voice recognition software offered with PrognoCIS, which he compares to iPhone’s Siri. The voice recognition converts the doctor’s voice into medical data format or progress notes in the patient’s EMR, allowing the doctor to not be slowed down by typing.

“Another way we can help is through tutorials or video presentations,” says Bates. “They’re available internally for doctors to view, step-by-step, our different modules – it’s called the Resource Center.” The tutorials are available to Bizmatics clients for free where they can teach themselves how to use the EMR at their own pace. On top of the tutorials, PrognoCIS was rated a five-star for ease of use. “We’re not very difficult to learn, we’re EMR 101!”

Some doctors prefer to just learn their part of the EMR medical software and leave the rest to their practice manager.  This method is perfectly fine; however, a good percentage of doctors genuinely do want to be fully hands-on with the experience and that does come at an advantage. “I think it’s better and smoother if a doctor knows everything about an EMR; then you can see what’s paying off and what isn’t, what’s redundant and what isn’t,” says Bates. Having fluent knowledge of their electronic medical record software shows doctors how to best utilize it and take advantage of all the features it offers.

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