TL;DR’s start was a bit uncomfortable, the sites inability to handle just a few thousand of users a day contributed to the lack of conversions to healthcare plans. in the future will continue to have many obstacles but the question is will it overcome?

Healthcare Changes

Recently, members of the Obama administration announced a series of improvements to the website. was off to a rough start this past month, as it brought in a surprisingly low number of enrolled participants. When the site was first launched on October 1st, it had its fair share of problems. Many of the basic functions expected of the site were lacking. The site was struggling to handle the thousands of users who visited every hour. Experts are claiming that, after some improvements, they’ve enhanced the site and increased its capacity. As of now, the site can tolerate up to 25,000 visitors every hour.

While it has improved, the site is nowhere near meeting the standards put in place. According to the Obama administration, the goal is to have the capacity for at least 50,000 people on the site every hour. Based on data collected by the website, in the first month, less than 27,000 people enrolled for coverage through the federal insurance marketplace.

However, the state market seems to be doing quite well with over 79,000 people enrolled for coverage through state-based exchanges. 14 states are operating their own exchanges and, in the cases of many of these states, they’re faring far better than the federal system. Recent figures show that, since October 1st, just fewer than 50,000 people have enrolled for healthcare coverage through the New York exchange.

The site has also had to deal with its share of hackers. These hackers have made many attempts to break into the website, but have fortunately failed. It’s a problem that needs to be monitored as the administration goes forward in improving the Obamacare system. Customer security is crucial to the success of this program.

Currently, the site is down for several hours each day in order to perform scheduled maintenance. has been guaranteed to run smoothly by the end of November. Whether or not this is the case, we’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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