The backbone of every successful practice is efficient practice management. Providers deal with a myriad of time consuming tasks on the administrative and personal level, and do not have time for financial headaches. Because we understand the communicative hurdles between providers and billers face with claims processing, PrognoCIS strives to make the process as painless as possible.  When you utilize an EHR that also provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and billing services, you create an efficient interconnected system.  The advantages to using a billing service that is also your EHR is that billers are intimately familiar with both the billing and medical side of the software, and there is zero time needed for training or implementation.

In order to make filing claims as quick and accurate as possible, we have features integrated into our billing module called scrubber checks and cheat sheets. These features make billing quick and easy because they allow for an automated system step-by-step system to ensure the validity of a claim. Here we go over how they work and their benefits.

Scrubber Checks, Ensuring Accurate Claims

Scrubber checks are checkpoints  a biller can create to ensure claims are processed correctly. Billers create a procedure where “checks” are created so information is valid before you can move on.

For example, a biller can create a scrubber check that checks to see if a patient’s insurance is entered correctly. Only then when the insurance is entered can more steps be completed on the claim.

Multiple “checks” can be in the same scrubber if the procedure is more specialized or requires a specific amount of steps to complete.

Scrubber Check with Multiple Checks

Scrubber Check with Multiple Checks

Cheat Sheets

In addition to scrubber checks, the PrognoCIS billing module also has a cheat sheet feature where billers can manually enter information. Cheat sheets come in excel files where you can download and upload custom cheat sheets for you to keep track of claims.

Effective Billing for an Effective Practice

Scrubber Checks and Cheat Sheets are designed to make claims processing as accurate an possible. Our goal at PrognoCIS is to make billing as quick and easy as possible for both provider and biller.

PrognoCIS’ RCM and medical billing services combine EHR workflow and payment collections into a simple, single source. While you provide the medical services, we will take care of:

  • Dedicated RCM client services manager
  • Eligibility checking
  • Processing of patient statements
  • Build customized scrubber checks to meet state, specialty and practice specific billing guidelines
  • Claim follow-up to ensure payer acceptance
  • Designated call center to take patient calls
  • Posted updates on insurance payments, patient payments, and denials
  • Denials management, appeals management
  • All claims touched at day 30, if not paid

Learn more about how we facilitate medical billing here, and check out our Resource Center with our comprehensive list of  user guides, FAQs, training videos here.

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