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With government shutdown rumors spreading, the Principal Deputy Administration for the CMS assures the healthcare world that ICD-10 will continue onward regardless.

CMS Assures ICD-10 Implementation

As October 1st, 2015 draws nearer, there is a significant amount of tension in the air: apart from the ICD-10 implementation deadline, there is also talk that arguments regarding federal budget may result in a government shutdown.

An ICD10Monitor article provides some insight as to how ICD-10 will be affected by this potential occurrence. Principal Deputy Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Patrick H. Conway, addressed the media in a conference call last Thursday, and stated that ICD-10 will continue onwards in the event that the government shuts down. According to official ICD-10 Ombudsman William Rogers, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) will remain operational, so claims will continue to be processed and paid. He has also added that he will continue to be active in his role as ombudsman regardless of a shutdown.

Conway said, “In terms of staffing, we do have the flexibility to ensure core operations are operational and in effect.”

The CMS officials assured callers that the healthcare industry is prepared for ICD-10 and that the transition is necessary for improved quality of health care, though results may not be immediately evident.

According to FierceHealthIT, Conway also spoke about how the ICD-10 transition will be evaluated, “Medicare claims…can take approximately two weeks. Medicaid claims can take up to 30 days to be submitted and processed. For this reason, we expect to have more detailed information after a full billing cycle is complete.”

Both officials are confident that the ICD-10 transition will be successful, and in only two days time, we will begin to see it for ourselves.


PrognoCIS EHR is ICD-10 compliant and prepared for users. Although their are four states whose CMS agencies are temporarily using ICD-9 codes for their internal processes, on Oct 1, 2015, PrognoCIS EHR will codify as ICD-10 in every state in accordance with current clearing house guidelines. The “crosswalk” retro-coding is handled entirely at the state CMS level and does not call for claim submissions in ICD-9. PrognoCIS EHR is prepared for the Oct 1, 2015 change in all states.

PrognoCIS members also get regular updates about the latest industry news from Bizmatics, Inc., developers of this leading cloud-based application. The easy to use interface enables users to quickly find the code they need and populate it into the patient chart. If an ICD-10 code is not filled in, the software will prompt users to add them in with an alert. All lab & radiology tests, as well as e-prescriptions, will include ICD-10 codes. To learn more about the PrognoCIS ICD-10 solution, visit our ICD-10 Hub or click here to schedule a live demonstration with one of our experts: PrognoCIS Demo.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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