Patient Portal systems are designed to facilitate better communication between the patient and the clinic by providing convenient and secure access from the comfort and privacy of their home. In addition to providing access to health records, prescriptions, lab results, and more, patients are also given the option to make payments within the Patient Portal. Without the hassle of mailing paper statements, licking those pesky stamps, and waiting on USPS, your payments are complete in seconds.

Using PrognoCIS Patient Portal’s integration with Online Payment Services, you can easily show patients their outstanding balances and allow them to make credit card payments at any time, and from any location where they have a web browser.

Patient Review and Payment of Outstanding Amount

You can authorize the Billing Tab in the Patient Portal to be turned ON in order to show your patients their outstanding amounts, payment history, and statements. When you enable the online payments interface in the Billing Tab, patients have the option to make their payments online within the Patient Portal via credit card.

Patient Outstanding Tab in Patient Portal

The Patient Outstanding tab will display the Total Due, Net Due, and Unapplied Amounts, along with receipt details such as the last receipt #, received amount, method of payment, and the status of the receipt. Here, patients can review their outstanding balances and choose to pay the current outstanding amount, the last outstanding amount, or other outstanding balances.

Current Outstanding Amounts will display either the Total Due or Net Due amount. The patient can view their current statement and latest balance by clicking on the Current Outstandings hyperlink. This helps the patient to keep track of their claims and charges to date while making payments.

The Last Outstanding Amount will show the amount due based on the last statement sent to the patient. Clicking on the Last Outstanding Amount hyperlink will allow patients to reference their last statement. If selecting this option, patients will pay the balance from this most recent statement.

The Other Outstandings option allows patients to manually enter the amount they wish to pay. The text field will only allow a positive amount to be entered and the “Pay” button will be enabled once the amount entered is greater than $0.00.

Integrated Online Patient Payments

For the purposes of electronic payment, PrognoCIS has integrated with online payment service providers to enable payments within the patient portal. Once the patient has reviewed their outstanding balance and selected their payment amount, they can quickly make their payment through a secure form.

After the patient has made their payment, the clinician can log in to the PrognoCIS application, generate the Patient Receipt, and post it to the Patient Account for reference. This will also update the patient’s balance under the Patient Outstanding tab.

Benefits of Going Paperless

Digital records have many benefits for medical practices, and paperless billing is no different.

  • With the latest mobile technology, electronic documents can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere
  • Categorization and search features allow staff to quickly find pertinent patient information
  • Patients can manage their payments from the comfort of their homes
  • And, of course, paperless documents play a vital role in helping to reduce our carbon footprint

Read more about the benefits of going paperless and how it can improve your business.

With quick and easy electronic payments enabled within the PrognoCIS Patient Portal, patients can securely complete outstanding transactions on their own time and physicians are no longer dependent on mail delivery to receive payments.

To enable billing features within your PrognoCIS Patient Portal, please contact your PrognoCIS representative.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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