Having an component of marketing in a practices repertoire can be very advantageous to its overall financial health. More over, a online presence for a practice is very important as well such as having a well designed website and social media presence.

Marketing Your Practice

Marketing can affect every aspect of a practice. A clean waiting room, attentive staff, and access to quality education materials are all part of a good marketing strategy.  If a practice wants to achieve change, marketing is a necessary step toward improvement. External marketing is how a business attracts new clients. Direct mail to target audiences, such as healthcare referrers and patients, is both easy and effective. A great location and quality signs are also great ways to market a practice.

In a tech-savvy world, an online presence is extremely important. A well-designed website and a social media presence can do wonders for a practice. Many practices also choose to use Quick Response codes and provide free Wi-Fi in their waiting rooms.

Internal marketing ensures that clients will return and recommend their business to other potential clients. It’s often the case that practices have too many patients and not enough net income. By removing the worst-paying and most complicated insurance plans, profits will increase. With proper marketing, many of these patients can be converted to out-of-network cash-payers, thereby becoming the most profitable patients. Doctors who accept only a few plans and focus their marketing on a quality patient experience are often much more satisfied with the success of their practice. With compensation models moving from fee-for-service and toward outcome and quality rewards, this marketing strategy is definitely one to consider.

There are many regions in the United States that don’t have proper access to certain medical specialties. A practice that can focus their efforts on a specialty will eventually bring in more patients. Removing bad insurance plans and accepting new patients in a focused specialty will gradually shift a practice toward greater profit. Marketing these changes will create an overall better quality experience for both the patients and the provider.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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