Improved MACRA Reporting & E-Prescription Updates

Author: Matt Garnese | December 15th, 2017 | Improved MACRA Reporting & E-Prescription Updates

Greetings from Bizmatics! The following enhancements have been made to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. They deliver improved functionality for e-prescription, organizing your lab/radiology tests, and completing your MACRA reporting for 2017.

New Screen Lists Your State’s DEA Drug Regulations

Many controlled substances are DEA classified on a state level, but not on a federal level. This new screen shows the DEA classification of drugs in your state. Providers who are enabled for the e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) can now send such DEA-classified controlled substance drugs to pharmacies. The new screen maps controlled substances according to the state, using the following fields:

DrugSelect a drug from the search icon. It is a mandatory field.
StateSelect the state from the dropdown list. It is a mandatory field.
DEA ClassSelect a DEA Class from the dropdown list to associate to a drug. It is a mandatory field
CommentsComments may contain up to 100 characters.

New Prescription History Tab in Medical History Popup

For physicians who use PrognoCIS e-prescription features, you can now open a patient’s prescription history report on the Medical History popup available in PrognoCIS. The new tab displays the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). To access this feature, go to the Patient Encounter screen, view the Table of Contents, click Prescription, and then click the Medical History button.

Automatically Sorted Lab/Radiology Tests

Lab and radiology tests on PrognoCIS order sheets can now be conveniently sorted into the following groups: all lab tests, all radiology tests, preferred lab tests, and preferred radiology tests.

Enhancements Related to MACRA Reporting

Being a MACRA-certified EHR, PrognoCIS contains a variety of screens and features created for reporting data for the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

For easy viewing, Lab results and Radiology results now have the calendar year attached with the status set to either Reviewed of Completed for a patient with the status Reviewed or Completed for a Patient, so that it can be seen from Portal by Patient. This applies specifically to the following sections of the Secure Electronic Messaging measure: Medicaid Modified Stage 2 Meaningful Use Report (2017 only), Medicaid Stage 3 Meaningful Use Report (2017), and QPP-MIPS-ACI.

Under the measure labelled View, Download and Transmit (VDT), the numerator counts the following: the number of Health Summaries (CCD) downloaded or seen or transmitted from Patient Portal (for all stages) within the calendar year, and the number of times the CCD was downloaded or seen within the calendar year.

Under the measure labeled Patient-Specific Education, if you have given education material to a patient, the following values are counted: Printed (1), Emailed (2), sent a URL (3), Brochure (4), or Portal.

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