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Join us for our latest webinar on getting set up with online payments in your EHR. Our panelists from Integrity Payment Systems will review how easy it is to take co-pays and post payments, as well as frequently asked questions about the setup process. View the complete video, or jump to the key points below:

1. The Integrity Process (1:30)
2. Why Use Integrity? (4:16)
3. Getting Set Up With Payments (6:30)
4. How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up? (8:23)
5. Reporting of Transactions (10:38)
6. Multiple Merchant IDs in One Database (12:03)

You can also view and download the slides from the webinar or read the full Integrity & PrognoCIS FAQ document.

Visit our Online Payments page for more information on getting set up with integrated patient payments in your EHR. Stay updated on our upcoming webinars by signing up for our newsletter and bookmarking our webinars page.

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