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Top Ten Features of the Best EHR Software Companies

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Top Ten Features of the Best EHR Software Companies

Finding the right EHR software is a huge effort. The ideal system will improve your productivity, provide a customizable workflow, with a solid track record of gracefully dovetailing the latest compliance regulations.

As with the cell phone market, at any given time many medical providers consider switching software companies. The reasons providers switch EHRs can be driven by a need to save clicks in their EHR software to increase patient engagement, issues which land EHR vendors in the news or from unexpected downtime.

Consider this list when browsing your options to switch your EHR software. It will help to compare the features available in EHR software for clinical care settings, from family medical practices to enterprise occupational medicine providers.

10 Required Features in Any Top-Rate EHR System

There are several features modern EHRs offer that are designed to improve clinical workflow, productivity and recovery of medical billing. If you’re in the market for a new EHR system, you should be looking for features like the following:

  1. Training available to the medical staff about EHR functionality and use.
  2. A complete, personal demonstration is available.
  3. Cloud-based services: a system that operates within the cloud offers more flexible data access and lower upkeep costs, since there is no hardware to maintain.
  4. Certified for current regulations and compliance: MU certification ensures that providers can use the EHR system to attest to Stage 3 Final Rule, and HIPAA compliance certification validates 3rd party review of best policies for security and data management.
  5. Specialty-specific options: EHR tailored to a particular specialty (i.e., pain management EHR, Occupational EHR, family practice EHR)
  6. ICD-10 compliant: all EHR systems must be ICD-10 compliant in order to properly submit claims since October 1st, 2015. However, the methods of implementing this new coding into click-saving customized lists of frequently referenced codes can vary greatly between medical record software.
  7. Patient portal: an efficient patient portal is essential for quick and secure communication between providers and their patients.
  8. e-Prescribing (eRx): e-Rx capabilities allow you to send electronic prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. PrognoCIS partners with Surescripts to deliver Medication Management for Adherence, allowing doctors to closely monitor how patients take their prescribed medications.
  9. Electronic prior authorization (EPA): An integrated EPA solution can minimize costs and improve patient care.
  10. Integrated Medical Billing Software and Services: an integrated medical billing software and services model has a seamless workflow between EHR and billing and enables providers to easily keep track of payments and claims, as well as faster corrections of any roadblocks which interfere with payments.

Why Switching EHR Systems is Worth The Effort

Weigh the pros and cons before deciding to make the switch. How much will a new EHR cost you? If you continue to use your current EHR, will your data remain secure? Can you meet federal compliance requirements? Are the benefits of a new EHR system worth the price?

You’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money in your current EHR, and the thought of switching over to a new system is overwhelming. Sticking with the wrong EHR system could be worse for your practice in the end. If the system isn’t compatible with your workflow it could be detrimental to the success of your practice.

In the long run, it’s worth it for your practice to invest in a system that works with you.

Interested in switching your EHR? PrognoCIS is offering its Summer Special. To learn about the PrognoCIS EHR workflow and the benefits it offers, schedule an EHR software demo with one of our experts today, or simply start a demo.

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