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For almost a decade, Kalorama has been studying the ever-changing EMR market. Every year, they create a comprehensive report on all of their findings. This report is considered the industry standard, quoted by many as the ultimate source in healthcare for market sizing and market share.

The report discusses many trends that could eventually affect companies and physicians offering EMR. The market report is global; however, the trend analysis focuses more on the United States. As the largest healthcare market, they have the most incentive for EMR conversion. It’s an interesting time for healthcare as government policies are constantly changing. There’s also a huge shift in the vendor market as new vendors are beginning to play a greater role.

As part of its coverage, the Kalorama report contains:

  • 2013 Global Market Estimates for EMR and Growth since 2011
  • United States, European and Asia Pacific EMR Market Estimates
  • Market Forecast to 2018
  • Market Share of Top Vendors
  • Hospital and Physician EMR Usage Statistics
  • Pricing of Select EMR Systems and ROI for Physicians
  • Overview of EMR, EHR, CPOE and other Functions
  • Breakout of Hospital EMR Market and Physician/Web EMR Market
  • Profiles of Major Vendors and Smaller Companies to Watch
  • Analyst Conclusions Regarding the EMR Market

Statistics on the healthcare industry, demographics, life expectancy, and company strategies have all been included in the Kalorama report. The report also estimates the market size for the EMR hospital and EMR physician markets, reports revenue, and reviews trends in EMR usage.

Topics and trends explored in the study include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Status of Meaningful Use in 2014
  • Doctor Opinion of EMR Systems
  • Incentive Payments Made to Date
  • EMR Alerts Overload
  • Vendor Switches Looming: Market Impact
  • Blue Button
  • New SGR Bill
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Dimensions of Interoperability
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Adoption
  • Epic Systems
  • Stark Law Exemption Extended
  • RECS and Health Information Exchange Update
  • Need for Trained Personnel
  • Security Breaches Update
  • ICD-10
  • Usability – Scores of Major Vendors
  • ACOs
  • Open Source EMR
  • Current Return on Investment Statistics
  • Google PPC advertising of EMR Companies
  • Tablet Adoption and EMR
  • International Markets and Trends

Kalorama analyzes trends and provides the healthcare industry with comprehensive reports on the EMR market. With this information, companies can continue to adapt to the constantly changing healthcare industry.

Author: Lauren Daniels

3 thoughts on “2014 Kalorama Report on Trends in the EMR Market

  1. Interesting report. Bizmatics EHR called PrognoCIS seems to be mentioned more often in the list of Big Names of Electronic Health Record Companies. I am pleased to see this strength being identified by industry analyst.

  2. This report is an extremely helpful resource for vendors, physicians, and patients alike, as everyone in the industry should be made aware of these trends. It’s a great way to educate on the EMR market.

  3. The first 2 items listed, and especially, “United States, European and Asia Pacific EMR Market Estimates”,…. fascinates me.
    Is our US expectation of what an EMR should do, exactly the same as the expectation in other countries? What would the reaction be of a doctor in Asia, or Europe, to a product we consider mature in the US, such as PrognoCIS? Have they developed along the same lines, or are they going in some other, more innovative directions, due to the population demographic and the need to treat different diseases and with different priorities?

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