Account Resolution Service

Accelerate Patient Payments with TSI Collections

Account Resolution Service

Accelerate Patient Payments with TSI Collections

Account Resolution Highlights

Accelerate patient communication for shorter billing cycles using our account resolution service.

Profit recovery

Profit recovery is also referred to as “soft collection” and is used when clients unresponsive to the initial reminder(accelerator service) mentioned earlier. This service is used for due payments of over 120 days but less than a year. It can be seen as a repetition of the accelerator service but this time you get to choose between a 5 reminder letter contact or a 3 reminder contact and 2 live phone calls.

Account Resolution Services - Profit recovery

Patient Payment Accelerator

Most practices try their best to send out one monthly statement to the patients that are up to 30 days the due date and unfortunately sometimes nothing gets done until 90 days or even more.

With a passion for creating better business experiences and improved healthcare ( taking away the patient debt collection hassles from practices), we will increase patient communication with 3 reminder letters and 2 live phone calls on behalf of the practice.

We know it’s a lot of work to cater to patient care as well as the patients’ debt collection that is why we promise to be dedicated to our part allowing you to handle the part that matters most (patient care).


This service is a second round of collections for “high-risk” accounts that have been unresponsive to previous attempts. 
Though available at any time, this service is best used for accounts over 1 year old. TSI’s internal collections division will be in direct contact with these accounts including services such as skip-tracing, asset discovery, and legal efforts.

Account Resolution Services - Collection
EHR Practice Management
The TSI Team Providing Effective Communication For Shorter Billing Cycles In Conjunction with PrognoCIS RCM Services.
  1. When it comes to outsourcing accounts receivable management to improve operational efficiency and medical cash flow from slow-paying patients,
    TSI is your one-stop-shop. It’s easy to set up an account for PrognoCIS RCM service.
  2. Prognocis RCM services can work with TSI services as simple as running a report and performing an easy upload, and for medical billing service accounts – their account manager can handle all the details.
  3. TSI is HIPPA compliant and its services cover the fortune 100 corporations, financial institutions, national healthcare systems, large scale governmental organizations, and small medical practices for any clinical specialty. Their services are targeted at increasing patient’s debt collection using communication as a polite and effective tool saving the practice a lot of time and resources allowing them to provide immeasurable services hence increased income.

PrognoCIS & TSI Partnership (1:24)
What Makes Collections Difficult (4:48)
Different Types of Payers (& TSI Solutions to Approach Them) (11:54)
The TSI Timeline (31:04)
Frequently Asked Questions (38:30)

Is Your Practice Using PrognoCIS RCM Services?

When you use PrognoCIS Revenue Cycle Management Services, your client manager will assist you in sending approved accounts to Transworld for you every month and monitor your collection process/success with Transworld. The benefits of TSI collections with RCM include:

  1. Flat rate collection fee
  2. Monthly success reports
  3. Integration with PrognoCIS in process
  4. Easy submission

PrognoCIS offers powerful solutions to medical practitioners which include Practice Management, Telemedicine Solutions and Medical Credentialing, e-faxing, and texting.

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