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Every aspect of medical billing like

Are integrated with PrognoCIS EHR for a more manageable and organized approach. 

For your practice, this means greater productivity, increased efficiency, and a much shorter revenue cycle. You’ll be able to offer superior patient services while streamlining your workflow. 

All of our medical billing services integrate with your EHR for an intuitive solution

This allows you to concentrate on patient care, while our solutions take care of the medical billing intricacies that support your business needs. 

Your practice does not need an out-of-the-box solution. You need customizable, reputable processes that meet the unique needs of your practice.

Specific solutions were created to support your staff so that they can fully concentrate on the central mission of your practice, that is, patient care. 

Medical Billing  Services

Explore PrognoCIS Medical Billing Features & Capabilities.

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Healthcare billing and claims processes are complicated and that can result in credit balance.

This happens when payments and adjustments are miscalculated and the amount paid to the practice winds up over the final balance at the end of services.

We supply concise credit balance resolutions so that these occasions are resolved efficiently and accurately to protect your business and annual revenue cycle. 

Medical coding needs to be absolutely precise so that your practice can guarantee payment and verify coverage before services.

You can rely on PrognoCIS‘ solution to keep your medical coding resources completely up to date and easy to manage.

With PrognoCIS medical coding, your team can verify patientsand decrease claims denials while maintaining compliance.

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Pre-authorization management is integral to protect your revenue cycle management.

It can also be a fairly complicated process because your office likely works with many payers and each has its own processes in place.

Outsourcing this aspect of your medical billing is advantageous because it makes the process more efficient. You can qualify patients for service prior to their appointments, reducing the possibility of claims denials. 

The CMS recommends that practices regularly audit coding practices.

There are different auditing techniques that can be applied, but the basic idea is to make certain that the coding process is accurate and meets regulatory requirements.

Coding audits can be conducted using a sampling of your submitted claims. They can be conducted randomly, or you can target certain types of claims.

It is recommended that you schedule coding audits on a regular basis to maintain compliance. 

Accounts Receivables Management is more than simple AR in medicine.

It encompasses AR but also claims management, denials management, appeals management, and unattended claims that haven’t been responded to by the insurance company.

Your practice likely deals with many payer schedules, and it’s our job to make sure that your AR is absolutely impeccable.

With a well-managed Accounts Receivable you have fewer denials, fewer unattended claims, and better appeals processes when it is absolutely necessary.

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Medical credentialing is an intricate process.

This can be difficult to take care of in-house, for small practices, because there are precise deadlines and the process takes several months.

Most practices don’t need to work with credentialing often, which makes the process more confusing.

If you don’t complete every step accurately, you can run into an issue because your physicians won’t be able to practice until the process is completed.

With a professional credentialing service, like PrognoCIS, you can rest assured that the process is being handled by seasoned professionals who are accustomed to all the steps.

This can save your team time and man-hours and result in a much better process that’s far more budget-friendly for the practice. 

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Data entry can be a tedious manual responsibility.

For smaller practices, the time it takes your staff to complete data entry might be better spent on patient care or other aspects of running the administrative tasks of the practice.

Outsourcing your data entry in billing means you can rely on accurate data for improved revenue cycle management without adding more staff members to your payroll. 

PrognoCIS offers an affordable billing solution

Your practice can concentrate on growing and scaling your business and offering superior patient care. 

Medical billing is a multifaceted discipline. Our staff brings a wealth of experience to make the process seamless and more efficient.  

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach

PrognoCIS specializes in helping practices and organizations of all sizes transition to the best solutions to meet their current and future needs without any financial downtime.

You’ll reap the rewards of a more productive billing cycle immediately and our services are tailored to your needs.

How Medical Billing Service  Benefits Your Practice

PrognoCIS offers a medical practice billing service that will streamline your account management from initial contact through payment and beyond. Our solution is optimal for the new practice, just building a reliable billing method. We also make our services easy to integrate for existing practices to upgrade and improve their process. 

The mission of your practice is to serve patients, not to deal with administrative costs that go along with the process of billing and claims. Our priority is to support your practice so that you can concentrate on medicine. Your staff can make a profound difference for your patients. Our staff can concentrate on our core capabilities: bringing you an intuitive and flexible medical billing solution that allows you to scale and grow your practice. 

Here are some of the key benefits that our clients enjoy: 

PrognoCIS offers a Wealth of Expertise for your Practice

Our solutions are built to fit your exact needs, and we can customize services for your practice size, scope, and specialty. 


What People Say

"I would like to take this opportunity to the Senior and Client Manager for the excellent RCM services you have provided through Bizmatics Inc. Weekly calls to check on our billing needs, prompt resolution of billing issues, friendly reminders to promptly respond to the assignments are what make you stand out distinctly from others. It has been a great experience working with both of you. Once again thank you very much and keep up the good work. You guys have a great future."
"I have been using PrognoCis EMR for almost five years since 2016. I am using Bismatics for my Billing as well. I am very pleased working with their IT and Billing team with Mr. Sohaib Gagan, the head of Billing. They are professional, thorough, efficient, up to date with insurance companies payers information and requirements."
Dr. Muhammad Alghannam

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Outsourced Medical Billing companies tend to be more distant from providers and do not offer the ‘in-house biller’ experience and instead follow the “send claims, post payments, call on claims over a set value” business model.

However, the providers should look for a company that will offer them exactly what they would get if their biller was sitting in their office.

As a professional Medical Billing software company, we offer our clients the ‘in-house biller’ experience.

We assign them a manager they get to know and rely on, we customize reports for them, we offer to analyze their coding, assist them with new procedure pricing, we perform routine audits for clients to let them know if they would pass an audit or where they fall short, we compare specialties to their practice and will advise on ways they can bring in more cash flow, we offer Auth services, we have patient financial counselors, we work denials and trend them, we follow up on AR and flag any major issues. We want providers to feel as though we are sitting in their office and can help them when they need us.

Most web-based medical billing software solution companies offer the traditional setup: get the claims, send the claims, post the payments, work denials, and AR.

Some web-based medical billing software companies will not work claims below a set value. In my opinion, the best medical billing service companies have the opportunity to offer more and we try to. Physicians like the ‘in-house biller’ experience without the cost.

They want some hand-holding on coding, someone to catch their mistakes, payment posting, someone to remind them when they need to close their encounters, someone to work denials, trend the denials, tell them what they did wrong and how do we avoid it in the future, make them aware of issues among payers for their specialty or practice, and to get feedback on how they can improve and what their cash flow projection is for the next month.

We have several reports we created to help a practice understand where they are falling short on collecting from patients. We offer training using these reports in addition to the eligibility checker so that the front desk staff can understand where they fell short and resolve it in the future.

As a professional company, We offer transparency. There are a lot of  medical billing service providers out there that use different software to send claims and the clients do not have access to this so they become reliant on what they are being told by their billers and can see the actual picture.

We offer transparency and let them see what we are doing to build confidence in the medical provider that we are sending and working on their claims.

The most important features of our medical billing services is two-fold: expertise and customer care. The primary thing that you need in a medical billing service is professional expertise in medical billing.

You want a company that employs only certified and qualified experts to handle your billing tasks.You also need a company that offers high-level support when you need it and wherever you need it.

Outsourcing your medical billing means that you get a whole team of highly qualified experts. Because medical billing is their full-time responsibility, it means lower rates of error and much greater efficiency.

This is a cost-effective solution for most practices. It means freeing up staff time to handle patient care and other important administrative functions. At the same time, a professional medical billing solution will improve your revenue cycle management dramatically.

Why Choose Us?

Software FAQ

PrognoCIS staff comes with a wealth of experience in the medical billing servicesindustry. For you, this means that you get a team of seasoned, highly efficient experts working directly in your AP AR, but without the need to add extensive payroll.

You’ll have 24/7 support for all of your needs and our services are backed by the best medical billing platform and technology.

We are a technology company, and we believe in extensive and exact quality control. Our practices can rest assured that all solutions and services have passed through extensive peer reviews and a robust technology testing process to make certain all functions are accurate. We stand behind our service and offer excellent customer support at all times. 

Your account representative will become a trusted part of your team. All of PrognoCIS‘ account representatives take a vested interest in their clients. They get to know your company, can make recommendations for different types of services and solutions that will fit your practice best, and they’re very knowledgeable about both our solutions and the work that you do in your industry. Rely on your account representative to help you research solutions that will truly meet your needs today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead. 

Have you been concerned about upgrading because there’s always a lag time in learning? We hear this so often. Especially from smaller practices. Your time is valuable. You don’t want to spend weeks trying to understand a new system and losing valuable revenue in the process. 

A seamless transition, not only will you NOT lose productivity or revenue, but you’ll also see your revenue increase and a decrease in losses almost immediately.

We hire a fully certified coding staff. You never have to worry that your coding is not being performed accurately or that mistakes might be made. Our coders are fully trained, and this is their chosen field. This means your coding tasks will be handled in less time with a higher rate of efficiency. 

Your service plan is customized just for your practice. A small, two-physician practice doesn’t need the same level of support as a large healthcare organization with many specialties. You shouldn’t have to pay for tools and solutions that you won’t use and don’t need. We customize your service plan to include everything that will help you scale your business to thrive. 

We believe in robust systems. But we also believe that too many tools you won’t use are just unnecessary. We work with our practices to develop the right solutions to meet their needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

What you see is what you get in your service agreement. Our service agreements are completely transparent. We’re happy to walk through the full agreement with you so that edits can be made if you want to add or detract services. There is nothing hidden and no fine print. 

Our revenue optimization consultation offers a great opportunity for practices to truly assess how healthy their revenue cycle management currently is. We also give you a full overview of ways to optimize your revenue cycle management to eliminate waste, cut costs, improve profits, and shorten your revenue cycle for increased cash flow. 

Our billing and coding process is completely transparent. You get full reporting and oversight. You can rest assured the process is handled impeccably and is fully compliant at all times. 

Our skilled staff have experience with a variety of specialties and have worked with organizations that are completely redesigning or just adding small upgrades. There’s no medical billing service that we can’t accommodate for any size practice and any type of specialty. 

Our advanced billing software offers a wealth of analytics and tools to make billing simpler and more effective. For you, that means that your billing cycle is shortened substantially. 

One of the things we pride ourselves on is stellar customer support. We offer 24/7 support services to help your office handle any question or quandary.

For our medical billing services clients, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager who is completely responsive. We believe that our service is an extension of your own office, and we treat the work with exactly that same level of care. 

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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