Medical Billing Service

Easily integrate with PrognoCIS EHR to manage your practice’s
medical billing.


Practice Management

Easily integrate with PrognoCIS EHR to manage your practice’s medical billing

Revenue Cycle Management

Professional Medical billing services to optimize your returns and shorten your revenue cycle.

Account Resolution Services

Easily integrate with PrognoCIS EHR to manage your practice’s medical billing

Medical Credentialing

Quick and easy medical credentialing in just a few short steps

Medical Billing Solution Overview

Web Based Medical Billing Platform Dashboard

Patient Billing Menu 

Medical Billing Software Features

Every feature you need to expedite collections

Remittances and Accounts Receivable

Remittances and Accounts Receivable Follow-ups: Recoups; "Other" Amounts; and other federal reductions; Reports & automation and more.

Integrated real-time insurance eligibility including co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible balances (based on payer availability).

Processing of patient statements.

Prevent coding issues by building customized scrubber checks to meet payer, state, specialty, and practice specific billing guidelines.

Claims sent within 24 hours and receipt of claims confirmed.

Technical Support

Designated call center to take patient calls.

Insurance payments, patient payments, claims and denials posted within 24 hours.

Fully integrated system allows charge capture to flow seamlessly from the EMR encounter to the claim, automating the charge entry process.

All claims touched at day 30, if not paid.

Medical Billing Solution – Intuitive Workflow Design

Medical Billing-Analytics screen

Performance Analytics

Stay on top of your billing, productivity, and track your performance. We measure key performance indicators and look for ways to find your practice revenue.

Medical Billing services-Tasks

Billing Dashboard

Don’t let billing tasks slow you down. Manage all your tasks in one, easy-to-use inbox. And with PrognoCIS Mobile App you can view and complete tasks anywhere.

medical billing Claim-tracking

Claim Management

Follow your claims from charge submission to payment posting. Claim Tracking lets you monitor where your claims are and what’s being done to get you paid.

medical billing screen

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage your appeals in a simple and intuitive dashboard. Manage all your tasks in one, easy-to-use inbox. And with PrognoCIS Mobile App you can view and complete tasks anywhere.

medical billing customer service

24/7 Support Services

Our dedicated support staff are available 24/7 to answer queries and provide assistance to customers for all their needs and requirements.

Medical Billing Service FAQs

Outsourced Medical Billing companies tend to be more distant from providers and do not offer the ‘in house biller’ experience and instead follow the “send claims, post payments, call on claims over a set value” business model. However, the providers should look for a company that will offer them exactly what they would get if their biller was sitting in their office.

As professional Medical Billing software company, we offer our clients the ‘in house biller’ experience. We assign them a manager they get to know and rely on, we customize reports for them, we offer to analyze their coding, assist them with new procedure pricing, we perform routine audits for clients to let them know if they would pass an audit or where they fall short, we compare specialties to their practice and will advise on ways they can bring in more cash flow, we offer Auth services, we have patient financial counselors, we work denials and trend them, we follow up on AR and flag any major issues. We want providers to feel as though we are sitting in their office and can help them when they need us.

Most web based medical billing software service companies offer the traditional set up: get the claims, send the claims, post the payments, work denials and AR. Some web based medical billing software companies will not work claims below a set value. In my opinion, best  medical billing service companies have the opportunity to offer more and we try to. Physicians like the ‘in house biller’ experience without the cost. They want some hand holding on coding, someone to catch their mistakes, payment posting, someone to remind them when they need to close their encounters, someone to work denials, trend the denials, tell them what they did wrong and how do we avoid it in the future, make them aware of issues among payers for their specialty or practice, and to get feedback on how they can improve and what their cash flow projection is for the next month.

We have several reports we created to help a practice understand where they are falling short on collecting from patients. We offer training using these reports in addition to the eligibility checker so that the front desk staff can understand where they fell short and resolve it in the future.

As an professional medical billing service company, We offer transparency. There are a lot of web based medical billing software service providers out there that use a different software to send claims and the clients do not have access to this so they become reliant on what they are being told by their billers and can see the actual picture. We offer the transparency and let them see what we are doing to build confidence in the medical provider that we are sending and working their claims.

Medical Billing Software Quick Setup

medical billing service quick setup
  1. Regardless of the size or location of your practice, PrognoCIS makes transitioning a simple, cost-effective, and painless experience.‌

  2. We handle all system setup, documentation, EDI implementation, process coordination, and training at no additional cost. There are no medical billing software installation fees. You only pay us for the dollars we collect.

  3. Our medical billing software implementation team guides you through a simple program to set up and customize PrognoCIS to your practice – everything from electronic claim

  4. Sit back and forget about the complexities of medical billing software. PrognoCIS will have your back, come ICD-10 or any other regulatory change that threatens your bottom line to procedures, fee schedule, follow-up parameters, and customized reports.

Looking for Medical Billing Service for your New Practice?

  • We specialize in setting up medical billing software for new practices. We know how hard it is to invest money in expensive medical billing solutions or technology and services without knowing how many patients will walk through your door.

  • Unlike other medical billing service company who charge an arm and a leg, our best medical billing software is designed to save you money, right from the start.

  • No upfront cost, software or training cost and no server installation or upgrade fees

  • We will guide you through all phases of a startup, credentialing, implementation, and the critical first months of operation.

  • Our expertise in EHR and medical billing solution helps us circumvent many start-up glitches while our medical billing software automates most processes in your practice, helping you run at peak efficiency with minimal staff from day one.

  • We are in this for the long haul. Come and grow your practice with us. Know about us

medical billing fro new practice

Watch below video for a quick overview of How to Grade your Practice with our Medical Billing Software Service

For a full medical billing platform demo, simply contact us & we will be happy to assist you.

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