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What is Medical Speech Recognition?

Medical Speech Recognition (MSR) is any technology that allows you to speak what you want to type. The dictation that you speak appears right on the screen.

How is Medical Speech Recognition used?

MSR is installed as a third party add on for EHR. The MSR integrates into the system and converts spoken word into text on the screen. Short key commands also integrate into the EHR. This facilitates the movement between text boxes, pages and screens.

Voice recognition is a technology that can learn words and phrases. This is a must for the medical industry. Once a word is in the system, a clinician never has to worry about misspelling the term. This is often done by accident.

Benefits of voice recognition software in healthcare

  • Reducing the number of clicks when dealing with an EHR reduces the number of errors. It also reduces the amount of time that is spent dictating.
  • Clinicians can create, document, edit and sign electronic documents at the same time.
  • Documents no longer have to be transcribed or reworded in order to send records to another office. This is an important advantage if a patient must be transferred.
  • The notes created from voice recognition software are much more detailed and comprehensive. This gives the office an opportunity to increase reimbursement.
  • Clinicians can focus more on patient care. More time at the bedside means a more detailed assessment and diagnosis of problems.
  • Yes. medical voice recognition software has many advantages when used in electronic medical records keeping, including the following:
  • Cuts back on dictation time
  • Cuts down on typing errors and automates spellcheck in real time
  • Decreases the cost of transcription
  • Automates common phrases
  • Adds the nuance of the spoken word to the patient story
  • Imports records directly into an EHR

Most importantly, the featured characteristics of the medical voice recognition solution allows clinicians more time to focus on patient care. Clinicians spend less time dictating and create more accurate notes. As a result, the patient receives a much better overall experience. Notes are also immediately available for upload into a centralized system or to precede a patient transfer.

Medical Voice Recognition Software & EHR Solutions Advantages

By integrating the PrognoCIS iPhone app with Dragon™ cloud service, doctors and clinical staff can now dictate their chart notes and letters on any iPhone® and iPad® and have it converted to text in their medical records. This powerful feature in PrognoCIS® helps doctors with keeping their records up-to-date at any location.

Benefits and Features Include:

  • 3-5x faster than typing: Most physicians speak over 120 wpm, but type less than 40 wpm. Speech recognition lets you document in less time while on the go.
  • Robust medical vocabulary: Cloud-based speech means you’ll always have access to the latest medical dictionary, terms, phrases and clinical formatting rules. Organizations and individual users can also customize their personal medical vocabularies.
  • Speak at your own pace: Speak naturally without having to wait for the recognized text to appear on screen or navigation commands to be recognized using SpeakAhead™ technology.
  • Visualization and feedback: Visual indicators tell you where speech is enabled when audio is being captured and displays audio recording levels to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Voice navigation and commands: Navigate and make corrections using your voice or control audio capture and text corrections using familiar gestures on mobile devices.
  • HIPAA-compliant speech recognition: Speech-related data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels to ensure end-to-end security.
  • Shared speech profiles: Individual user speech profiles, including custom vocabularies and templates, are shareable across select mobile, web, and desktop applications.

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