A July 2017 study presented by the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) examined the positive impact that medication adherence had on a patient with diabetes. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software often includes features to assist the process of prescribing medications and making sure your patients adhere to their prescriptions.

If you practice internal medicine and see many patients with diabetes, you may want to consider the following study, as well as some of the interesting ways your EHR software can improve outcomes in treating the disease.

Medication Adherence and Patient Outcomes

The study, using clinical data from 2009-2014, focused on adherence to glucose-lowering agents (GLA’s) in patients with adult type two diabetes. The researchers found that, compared with nonadherent patients, patients who adhered to their medication were less likely to be hospitalized or visit the emergency department (ED). Although the increased adherence to GLA’s resulted in higher drug costs, there were significant reductions in acute care and outpatient costs.

The researchers found that the costs of hospital and emergency room visits were strongly tied to medical adherence. They observed that “even small changes in patient adherence were found to have potentially large cost implications, with a 1% increase in adherence associated with acute care cost reductions of $25,160 for 1000 individuals, or $5,738,276 for the entire population, over the 3-year post period.”

Adherence was linked to noticeable improvements in patient outcomes related to acute care, “as measured by the probability of a hospitalization, the probability of an ED visit, the number of hospitalizations, the number of ED visits, and hospital length of stay.”

Read the full AJMC article, available here: Medication Adherence and Improved Outcomes Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes.

Medication Management For Adherence

Through our partnership with Surescripts, we are able to provide Medication Management for Adherence as well as e-Prescription, as part of PrognoCIS EHR. With this feature, you can receive alerts that allow you to monitor how your patients are taking their prescriptions. This provides you with visibility into the status of your patients’ medication regimen and drives communication with your patients about how to properly take those medications. For example, if a patient does not pick up their refills for medication, or a medication is required but was not included in the prescription, you will receive an adherence message. With these notifications, you can closely monitor your patients’ activity and determine the best course of action for their healthcare.

When medications are not being properly taken. An adherence message, as indicated by claim activity, occurs when a patient is not taking the medication as frequently as prescribed. Surescripts notifies the patient’s Provider by sending a message through the Surescripts Accelerator.

EHR Software to Diagnose and Treat Diabetes

In addition to features like Medication Management for Adherence, PrognoCIS EHR software is customized for all kinds of medical specialties, including Internal Medicine EHR and Endocrinology EHR. The software has customizable workflows, templates, and content that focuses on diabetes, thyroid disease, androgen excess, and blood sugar levels. PrognoCIS Endocrinology EHR also comes with treatment plans including diabetes management for new and returning patients.

Using your EHR software and monitoring your patients’ medication adherence helps you deliver better healthcare outcomes across a variety of illnesses and is not limited to treating diabetes. The possibilities are vast and medication adherence may provide similar cost benefits in a range of applications.

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