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Mobile technology is influencing every industry, and has managed to impact the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers are constantly looking for solutions that provide flexibility, connectivity and access to their patients’ information while on the go.

Mobile devices are addressing some of the most demanding global challenges in the healthcare industry – making it more accessible. Smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, with relevant mobile healthcare applications provide physicians easy access to patient data, enable healthcare staff to spend quality time focused on patient needs, and help physicians make quick decisions, especially for critical cases.

What’s Mobile EMR?

Mobile EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is an application which gives physicians and caretakers the flexibility to manage their practice from anywhere and at all times. Typically, a mobile EMR app allows physicians to manage their daily appointments; look into patient’s details – ailment history, lab results; communicate with staff through SMS/emails; and manage resources in real-time.

Some of the mobile EMR applications are also extended to patients, to view their records and interact with doctors and hospital staff instantly. The data is automatically and securely synchronized between the server (clinical systems) and the client (Mobile EMR app).

Why is Mobile EMR Useful?

A Mobile EMR solution streamlines patient care, enhances workflows and improves the financial health of your practice. Mobile EMR applications provide up-to-date information on of all your patients. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Improved Patient Care: Helps physicians make better informed decisions
  • Better Collaboration: Provides direct communication between staff and patients
  • Reduced Expenses: Eliminates the use of notes, thus eliminating the use of paper
  • Improved Efficiency: Saves time by providing physicians with patient data on the go
  • Increased Satisfaction: Enables physicians access to patient data anytime, anywhere

RapidValue partnered with Bizmatics to develop a mobile app: PrognoCIS EMR. The app  is a subset of PrognoCIS EMR designed specifically for the iPhone®. It is mainly used by doctors to view patient information and to update their progress notes. The main benefit of this app for doctors is that it provides them with more flexibility by giving them access to patient data from anywhere, at any time; making them more productive. This app is available for iPhone Users and is available both as an ASP service and as an in-house client-server solution.

Author: Prashob Sivadasan