In our latest press release, which was picked up by the San Jose Mercury News, we discuss telemedicine apps developed by PrognoCIS.

With new telemedicine parity laws being passed this year in Rhode Island, Florida, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia and Utah, telemedicine is now covered in all 50 states. For physicians practicing in brick-and-mortar medical care settings, PrognoCIS has developed a telemedicine mobile app integrated into its EHR to help providers expand beyond traditional business hours and deliver 24/7 access to healthcare. Patients can request an immediate telemedicine consultation, set appointments, send pictures for analysis, and have video conferences with physicians via phone, video, and text. For providers, the app has a fully HIPAA-compliant backend to access patient data securely.

In addition to providing the telemedicine platform, PrognoCIS has partnered with United Concierge Medicine (UCM). Using PrognoCIS’s telemedicine platform, UCM can provide 24/7 service to individuals, and even augment the staff for entire hospital systems. Telemedicine laws do vary from state to state today, which produces gaps in telemedicine coverage. For more details about telemedicine coverage by state, read The Physician’s Guide to Telemedicine in 2017. The market for telemedicine is estimated to be worth more than $30 billion by the end of 2020. Given the convenient and efficient nature of telemedicine, this will create strong patient demand, making it a profitable and worthwhile venture for investment by healthcare leaders and medical practitioners.

You can find the press release at the San Jose Mercury News here.

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