Providers have a short window to comply with MU3 requirements, and HIMSS Electronic Health Association suggests 18 months prep time. EHRA suggests a slew of data that should be collected now.


According to the HIMSS Electronic Health Records Association (EHRA), a period of at least 18 months is ideal before Meaningful Use Stage 3 begins. They’re requesting CMS and ONC to lengthen the time between when the requirements for MU3 are released and when providers are expected to start reporting.

Currently, it seems that providers may have less than 12 months to apply the MU3 requirements since reporting is slated for October 2017. EHRA attributes the challenges faced for Stage 2 to the lack of time given to properly implement the features.

Only 34% of eligible providers and 7% of hospitals have attested to MU2 as of July 1st; although close to 100 EHR vendors have been certified to meet MU2 criteria, only eight of them have been used. In an effort to aid providers CMS announced in March that they’ll have the option to request an extension in 2015 if they’re unable to attest to MU2. The deadline has also been extended to 2016.

In order for the process to go smoothly, EHRA believes that data regarding the following should be collected:

  • Patient engagement with secure messaging
  • Patient engagement with viewing, downloading and transmitting their records
  • Industry progress with interoperability and transitions in care

Further study of these three topics will help to ensure that meaningful use is correctly implemented, with minimal complications.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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