New ARRA Dashboard, Import Data Sorted by NPI, Custom Patient Letters

November 30th, 2017 - By Matt Garnese

Greetings from PrognoCIS! The latest set of software enhancements deliver improved functionality for MACRA reporting, organizing lab/radiology data, and patient engagement. In order to improve your experience as a healthcare provider, our team is constantly making efforts to update and streamline PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software.

ARRA Dashboard, Encounter-Level Dashboard Available For 2017 Performance Period

PrognoCIS is a fully MACRA-certified EHR. This update helps you complete your ACI measures, as well as Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3. You can find the ARRA dashboard at the following path:

On the Menu Bar, Click on ARRA Dashboard icon: ARRA Dashboard icon, then go to Patient’s Encounter→Encounter TOC→Encounter Close click on Encounter level Dashboard icon:Encounter level Dashboard icon

Easily Find Lab and Radiology Sorted By Property

To simplify the search for specific laboratory/radiology reports, they can now be sorted by all lab reports, all radiology reports, all preferred lab reports, and all preferred radiology reports. Sort the reports by the following properties: ordersheet.lab.all.sort, ordersheet.rad.all.sort, ordersheet.lab.preferred.sort, and ordersheet.rad.preferred.sort.

To sort your lab/radiology reports, use the following navigation: Patient’s Encounter→Encounter TOC→Order Sheet.
Import Data Organized By Provider NPI

Keep your data such as lab/radiology reports, appointment information, claim charges, and patient info organized by the provider associated with it. When importing this data PrognoCIS can automatically check the provider’s NPI number and assign it to the data.

Create Custom Letters to Patients with One Click

You can now save multiple versions of patient letters without losing any attachments from the existing letters. Using the simple save as button, a copy of the original letter will be created that carries all the attachments and the subject line of the original letter.

This functionality is available to all users who can access the Letters-Out screen. When a letter with approved status is copied, if the user has access, the new copy will also have approved status. If not, the new letter’s status will be entered. When you send a letter out to multiple recipients, you will be able to see it as multiple entries in the Letter To column of the search available on the Letters-Out screen.

Once a letter has been already been sent, no further edits or attachments can be made, but only viewed.

Create custom letters, in the following navigation: Patient→Letters-Out.

Apply Patient’s Preferred Language With Vaccination Codes

Often your patients will speak a language other than English, such as Spanish or Vietnamese. Now, in your Vaccination Export, you can add the patient’s preferred language with the vaccination code in order to assist communication between your staff and the patient.

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