[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In continuation of our longstanding efforts to inform our doctors of the newest enhancements to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, we present to you the following updates. These improvements provide enhanced communication with Injury Attorneys, updated quality measures for MACRA reporting, customized patient workflow comments, and automatic vaccination codes.

New EHR Portal For Easy Communication Between Clinics and Injury Attorneys

Often, in Pain Management, Orthopedic Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine or Internal Medicine, the patients you treat have been referred to you by an Injury Attorney. Using the new PrognoCIS Attorney Portal, the medical clinic, the patient, and the attorney can securely share information regarding the patient’s visit, such as SOAP notes or laboratory/radiology results.You can add an attorney and create their login credentials using the following navigation:Menu: Settings →Configuration →Vendors→ Attorney→ click Add NewThe attorney, when logged in, will be able to access the portal below, with tabs for the following: My Patients, Appointments, Documents, Patient Forms, Patient Info, My Account Set up.Attorney Portal MenuUsing the Attorney Portal, your practice can share access to patient records and manage appointments in real time, rather than communicating and sending documents by mail.

Updates To Quality Measures For 2017

PrognoCIS is a MACRA-certified EHR, which means you can meet your reporting requirements and receive federal reimbursement under the Quality Payment Program (QPP). We have now updated the quality measures available in PrognoCIS according to the current list for the year 2017.

Searchable Patient Workflow Comments

A new search icon search icon patient workflow  has been added to the Patient Workflow popup in the Comments field. You can now search and select active comments from the defined list. This allows you to combine multiple active comments and combine them as required when scheduling patient appointments.To use this feature, use the following navigation:Appointment→Schedule→schedule/select an Appointment→Patient Workflow icon:patient workflow icon 1 →Patient Workflow popupOr, using the following:Patient’s Encounter→Patient Workflow icon:patient workflow icon 2 →Patient Workflow popup

NDC/CVX/CPT Codes Sent Automatically for MU3 Vaccination Export

In Meaningful Use 3 (MU3) Vaccination exports, NDC or CVX/CPT codes are applied automatically for vaccines with status as “Vaccination on the visit”. To use this new feature, you set hl7.export.send.NDC to Y, which sends the NDC, or to N, which sends the CVX/CPT code.

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We are always improving PrognoCIS EHR software to meet your ever-evolving needs as a medical practitioner. When you have additional questions about PrognoCIS please Contact usAs we continue to report on the latest improvements, we urge you to sign up EHR newsletter, where you can find out about not only product enhancements, but the latest news in the EHR industry. Sign up for the PrognoCIS EHR Newsletter using the button below:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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