New e-Prescription Tools, Faster Time To Billing, Shorter Searches

June 14th, 2017 - By Mandy Chilson

It is our goal to regularly inform our user base about the latest improvements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS reduce the amount of administrative time involved in prescribing medications, creating lab reports, and patient data reporting.

Enhancements to e-Prescription Features

PrognoCIS EHR is now certified with RxChange and CancelRx by Surescripts, which allow physicians and registered pharmacies to communicate through electronic messages, instead of the less efficient fax or telephone-based communication. If a pharmacy receives a prescription and they have an equivalent drug rather than the exact one prescribed, they can use RxChange to request a change to the doctor’s written prescription. Doctors can use CancelRx when they’ve sent a prescription electronically and need to cancel it, such as when a patient gives the doctor new information about their symptoms that influence a change in strategy.

These new e-Prescription features fulfill important MACRA certification requirements and are another step forward in the process of full MACRA certification for PrognoCIS EHR. At the end of June, the first wave of MACRA testing will begin for PrognoCIS EHR, and we will be fully MACRA certified in time for providers to report as required for this calendar year.

Another freshly integrated feature within PrognoCIS is Medication Management for Adherence (MMAd) by Surescripts, which provides clear visibility of how their patients interact with their prescriptions. It presents notifications in the EHR which can be clicked on to provide deeper insight into patient adherence to their medication schedules, such as when they do not refill their prescriptions. The feature is being rolled out to all PrognoCIS users, and no configuration is required. Patient participation at pharmacies that are early adopters of the Medication Management for Adherence ecosystem is a prerequisite for receiving notifications. The notifications are only presented in specific circumstances, and clicking any of these messages as they appear will not result in any charges or fees to your practice.

For a complete explanation of this feature, please view our webinar video on MMAd.

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5 New EHR Workflow Enhancements for Shortened Search Times, Faster Billing

PrognoCIS has added the following enhancements:

  1. When filling out imported Ask at Order Entry (AOE) questions, you will now find that they have been conveniently organized in order of when they were added to the system, rather than being placed automatically into alphabetical order. This makes them easier to find and fill in since the most recent questions are at the top of the list.
  2. In the creation of an HL7 Lab export, there is now a space for the order time that goes along with the order date, which eliminates discrepancies about when orders are made. This helps to reduce the administrative time that can arise from miscommunications.
  3. During the importation of Compendium data, the CPT/HCPC codes associated are now automatically added to the report, rather than having to be found and added manually.
  4. For doctors working in the state of Kentucky, you can now send Syndromic Surveillance data to the Kentucky Health Information Exchange using a newly integrated web service.
  5. We have streamlined the process of applying employer portal templates to the UI Client by using the new simple self-schedule process.

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