New EHR Features to Assist Clinical and Finance Procedures

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New EHR Features to Assist Clinical and Finance Procedures

If you’ve read the 2000 page behemoth that is the MACRA Final Rule, you will know that there is an increased emphasis on electronic health record (EHR) competence.  The now defunct Medicare EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use) has been absorbed into the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which requires providers to show meaningful use with EHRs. PrognoCIS integrated electronic health record and practice management bundle has long supported the Meaningful Use, and will continue to do so with MACRA. See what provider participation options are in our guide to Preparing for MACRA in 2017.

PrognoCIS Denali is the 3rd build of PrognoCIS, and introduces many new user-friendly features in both the EMR and Billing modules. Here we go over two features of our EMR Module: Order Report Management and the Employer Portal.

The Employer Portal

A successful practice is one that does two things well: maintains financial profitability, and develops strong provider-patient relationships. The way a practice communicates and educates patients is a huge factor in determining healthcare success. The simple and underutilized tool to create better patient engagement is efficient use of healthcare portals, such as the Employer Portal. This portal is designed for securely sharing a patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) to their Employer. The Employer Portal will allow employers who are registered in a clinic to view:

  • Patient Visit Documents
  • Invoices With Claims
  • Outstanding Payments

The portal is especially useful for claims processing. Employers can track aging buckets, claim invoices, payments posted (or not posted), and much more. The Employer Portal is a great way to manage finances. Not many EHRs offer similar functionality because the Employer Portal is made specifically for Occupational Health practitioners, but may be useful for other specialties.

Employer Portal

Order Report Management

One of the main features of Denali, Order Reporting, has been revamped. Previously, providers would only find value in order reporting if they needed to interface with lab and radiology reports. Now, it is an all encompassing feature that supports reporting at the encounter level; clinical staff are now granted user-level permissions for consults and procedures.

Design and UI Changes

The Order Management screen has been redesigned to be more accessible and user friendly. Note newly designed tabs where you can view all your order types on one scren. Also, the accordion style expansion screen allow for quick access to different types of orders. To describe the functions of the new order screen:

  1. The Orders Ribbon displays tabs for each order by Order Type and Schedule Status
  2. The Select/Order Tabs allow the user to search & select tests and create an order
  3. The Selected List/Orders accordion pane provides a list view by Order Type, which allows the user to analyze & modify order details and monitor the current status
  4. The Action buttons at the bottom allow the user to undo or compile/create the order


Learn More About PrognoCIS Denali

PrognoCIS Denali offers many more exciting new features in the client. Visit the PrognoCIS Denali Hub or register for our upcoming webinars for more information on what’s new in our EMR and Billing modules.

Picture Credit: Ilmicrofono Oggiono/Flickr