New Interfaces Auto-Capture Vitals Data Directly Into EHR Software

April 18th, 2017 - By Mandy Chilson

Entering vitals data from a scale by hand into EHR software lends itself to manual errors and can take away from valuable face-to-face time for direct patient engagement. Even a small discrepancy in routine vitals data can create a problem in a patient’s records that can affect their treatment.

In order to accelerate the entry of vitals data into the software while ensuring reliability, PrognoCIS has integrated the following new machine interfaces for vitals data:

  • Scale interface, which pulls vitals details from the scale or Health o meter directly into the EHR.
  • ProBP (Blood Pressure) interface, which takes the patient’s blood pressure vitals from the blood pressure device and puts them into the EHR.

The PrognoCIS team adds these interfaces into the software on the machines connected to the provider’s scales and/or BP monitors. Once installed, the provider can immediately begin by accessing the Vitals screen in the EHR, selecting either the Scale or ProBP interface and opening the Room List. From there, the provider selects the room in which the scale or BP Monitor is located. The EHR pulls a reading of vitals details directly from the instrument, saves the reading and displays it in the Vitals UI during the patient visit.

Special Scale Interface Details

The practitioner must select the applicable vitals test code values to collect data via the Scale interface and must enter them in a fixed sequence of Weight, Height, and BMI. Once the user assigns the relevant test codes, the Vitals screen will display the Scale button.

Special ProBP Interface Details

The ProBP interface not only makes it simple and easy to collect blood pressure data but also delivers a simple way to visualize the data on the practitioner’s screen. Practitioners can use the interface’s convenient grid functionality to organize readings of blood pressure data taken at regular intervals. Within the patient’s Progress Notes, abnormal data values are displayed with a different color and font than values in the normal range, making it quick and easy to spot any abnormalities.

Convenience and Reliability Collecting Vitals

PrognoCIS is constantly working to refine and streamline its services and make sure your EHR software is optimizing how you give care. We recognize the importance that precision in recordkeeping has in the delivery of treatment. The ability to pull a direct reading from instruments, rather than manually writing down the data and entering it into the EHR, gives the practitioner the time they need to focus on the patient. Since the chance of manual error is virtually eliminated, the practitioner can be sure that their data is correct and they can deliver the best treatment possible for their patient.

Don’t forget to stay up to date about how PrognoCIS’s functionality being improved, and how your practice benefits from those enhancements. Whenever you have questions about your PrognoCIS EHR’s functionality or have a problem that needs solving you can reach a Technical Support expert by phone, online chat, and email who can help you with your case. Visit the PrognoCIS Technical Support page here.

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