PrognoCIS electronic health records added a layer of population health management to its already robust ambulatory and specialty software by integrating Surescripts’ Medication Management for Adherence solution. Population Health Management is the aggregation and analysis of patient data across multiple health information technology resources into actionable knowledge which care providers can use to improve both clinical and financial outcomes. With Medication Management for Adherence, PrognoCIS users will now have visibility into the status of their patients’ medication regimens. Insights provided include Adherence summaries and gaps in care messages.

The certification for Medication Management for Adherence is another way PrognoCIS electronic health records (EHR) is civilizing the frontiers of healthcare technology for a patient-forward, value-based healthcare future in pain management, occupational medicine, and many other care settings. Bizmatics leverages Surescripts’ Medication Management for Adherence capability to inform clinicians of patient’s medication regiment and identify any potential issues; this drives up the overall effectiveness of provider-patient relationship and ensures overall patient’s health outcome and safety.

“Our certification for Medication Management for Adherence with Surescripts puts PrognoCIS on a short list of leading EHR developers who have these tools in place. This goes hand in hand with our dedication to developing tools to help doctors meet the highest quality of care standards,” says Vinay Deshpande , CEO of Bizmatics.

Bizmatics is currently upgrading their clients to the Clinical Information Suite called PrognoCIS Denali, which offers a multitude of new features customized to create a complete electronic health management platform.

Picture Credit: Chris Potter/Flickr

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