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New PrognoCIS Auto Patient Update Function

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New PrognoCIS Auto Patient Update Function

A new powerful feature has been added to PrognoCIS: the Auto Patient Update Function. Developed by our team of UX engineers, this feature enables providers to instantly synchronize their patient records with demographic information received from clearing houses. Four clearing houses currently support this function: our highest volume partner Trizetto, as well as NavicureAssertus, and Inmediata.
This allows the records of new and existing patients to be filled out quickly and automatically.

Expedited Patient Registration Process

The Auto Patient Update Function is implemented through an easy-to-use button on the PrognoCIS Patient Information screen. The only information required  is the patient’s name and insurance provider, and the button will automatically fill in the demographic information, i.e. address, date of birth, phone, fax, email, etc.

Update Function on Patient Insurance Screen

Not only does this feature eliminate the process of front-end staff manually inputting data, it allows information to be processed quickly and accurately. By syncing with the insurance provider, the Auto Patient Update Function ensures that patient info is accurate across all boards.

Auto-Populated Demographic Information

Increased Claims Acception Rate

The rejection of insurance claims are a huge hassle for providers and their patients, and transcript errors are one of the most common reasons why it happens. With the new Auto Patient Update Function, this ensures that the patient information is sourced directly from the insurance provider. This enables providers to provide accurate information for their patients, allowing the rate of insurance rejection to lower. The new feature saves time and money while improving patient satisfaction.

One of Many Upcoming Features

Our Auto Patient Update Function is but one of the new user interface improvements coming to PrognoCIS EHR. Our client has been developed with over a decade of experience in the electronic health field, and we continue to improve on it with new features and streamlined functionality. We plan to continue to work with providers to provide them with the best possible client for their practice.

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