January 31, 2011

Pregnancy can be the most exciting moment of a woman’s life and also the most stressful.  That stress falls double on obstetricians because of accountability held for double the lives.   Currently, obstetrics holds the highest liability of all specialty practices, driving insurance premiums sky high.  Implementation of an OB GYN EMR allows doctors to provide thorough care for women during pregnancy and lowers doctors’ insurance premiums so they can continue providing excellent care to future generations.

Obstetricians have highest medical malpractice insurance, says Jeff Baker, PrognoCIS sale rep.   He referred to two obstetrician friends who, in order to keep their practices afloat, are switching from obstetrics to just gynecology because insurance has gotten so high.  Women have many tests performed on them while pregnant.  The increased popularity of testing for Down syndrome, spina bifida and various degrees of and mental retardation make them widely available.  “The fact that there are so many things that could be done when someone is pregnant, things could slip through the cracks,” said Baker.  Say the patient goes into labor a week early in the middle of the night.  The doctor rolls out of bed and rushes to the hospital; they might not always have the patient’s medical records in the delivery room and that’s where mistakes can be made.

The use of OB-GYN EMR prevents fatal errors from occurring by maintaining complete and accurate prenatal flow records.  EMRs record the mother’s weight gain, gestational diabetes test results and the baby’s gestational age.  Along with pregnancy data, the EMR keeps record of prenatal information like prior medical conditions and medication allergies that would be essential to know in the delivery room.

An EMR in the obstetrics setting is a no-lose situation for both doctor and mother.  “When they’re going to deliver that baby, they’re going to provide best possible care – accurate records and known pregnancy complications at point of delivery,” said Baker.  If delivery mistakes can be prevented, the doctor won’t get sued and for every year the doctor doesn’t get sued, their liability insurance premium lowers.  “You can say that you’re taking better care of your patients with 100% confidence.”

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