Occupational Medicine EHR Brings Employers More Qualified Workers

July 25th, 2018 - By Deeya Ranjan

According to a recent report from Washington Post, companies have been on a hiring spree. The unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2000.

“The labor market is continuing its longest streak of job growth on record,” said Martha Gimbel, researcher director at, an employment website. “This recovery is showing no sign of slowing down.”

Hiring in the U.S. has gone up yet businesses are struggling to find employees who can pass their pre-employment drug tests.

Dan Roth, LinkedIn editor-in-chief, explains: “one of the top problems they’re facing is that people are failing drug tests.” He says that it’s a “competitive asset” for potential employees to be able to pass drug tests and that it costs employers more to find candidates who can pass. You can read the CBS News article here.

That is one of the prominent reasons why employers are relaxing the pre-employment drug testing in the hiring process according to a recent Bloomberg report. In surveys done by the Federal Reserve last year, inability by applicants to pass drug tests was cited as a major reason amongst others for difficulties in hiring. Failed tests reached an all-time high in 2017, according to data from Quest Diagnostics Inc.


Occupational Medicine EHR Software – A solution to Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Jobs that require employees to work under precarious conditions or in industries that are labor intensive (construction, manufacturing, emergency, DOT) have to ensure that their employees are aware, alert and in good health while performing job-related duties to prevent any fatal injuries or illnesses. This makes pre-employment drug screening crucial for the employers.

Businesses that are involved with occupational and environmental health hazards require the services of occupational health providers. These providers inspect and track workplace environment, monitor safety standards and government regulations to prevent workplace-related injuries and ensure that the health and safety of the employees are maintained.

Electronic Health Record Software (EHR) assists occupational health providers, employers, and employees in their need for a safe, accident-free environment. It helps occupational health providers to maintain employee well being and find more qualified employees for a particular job.

EHR’s provide quick, cost-effective pre-employment physicals, injury treatments, instant testing for drug and alcohol use, vision screening, DOT medical examinations and more. The ability to treat potential candidates and employees in a short amount of time saves businesses money and helps them increase the productivity of their workforce.

In fact, the EHR can accelerate the practice’s overall workflow, including specialty and therapeutic care, DOT-related testing procedures, random drug screening, compliance regulations, urgent care procedures and visit-related care.


Occupational Medicine EHR Case Study

Many of the leading occupational medicine companies today use an EHR software to improve client productivity and lower company costs. To learn more, read our occupational medicine case study, which has examples of how an Occupational Health EHR can improve your practice’s overall workflow.


PrognoCIS EHR Software for Occupational Medicine

One of the major functionality of PrognoCIS EHR software is an integrated Employer Portal for you and your staff to securely share an employee’s health information with their employer. The employers can access patient visit documents, invoices with claims, outstanding payments, as well as records of occupational illness, injury, or accidents. Conveniently access OSHA forms as well as other federal and state-specific forms, which come integrated into PrognoCIS Occupational EHR.

Robust features of PrognoCIS EHR software includes:

  • Worker’s Compensation – Through State specific DFR’s, PR2’s, work status reports and multiple case management support with single registration
  • Employee Health – Can be achieved by utilizing services like Employer Portal, Employer protocols, state specific DOT’s, OSHA’s and templates like BAT alcohol screening, vision screening
  • Personal Injury and other injuries – Attorney portal, attorney invoicing, specific accident related forms.

PrognoCIS EHR also supports occupational medicine billing functionalities like workers compensation, employer invoices, attorney invoices, and split billing.

Along with  worker’s compensation, and personal injury, PrognoCIS EHR is beneficial for any other injury-oriented practice, such as pain management, neurology, and orthopedic.

With the continued hiring boom, there is an ideal opportunity for Occupational Health practitioners to serve these companies’ needs and grow their practices. Occupational and environmental health not only improves healthcare outcomes for employees, it also contributes to a healthy and stable American business environment.


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