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PrognoCIS EHR has added employer portal functions to its electronic health record and practice management software. This feature benefits occupational medicine clinics by enabling easy communication between the provider, employer, and employee to reduce document distribution time, access and recovery.

With the employer portal, providers can securely share occupational health records, such as occupational illness, accident, or injury records. It also helps with claims processing as employers can track aging items like claim invoices, payments posted, and other related occupational health records.

“The PrognoCIS employer portal provides a reliable way for employers to efficiently manage job-related injuries suffered by their employees”, says Vinay Deshpande, CEO of Bizmatics Inc. “The employer portal allows an employer to track information about the number of injured employees, their health, and recovery status, and also communicate with Occupational medicine clinic in a secured fashion. This helps employers provide timely help to their employees and improve the efficiency of operation.”

The employer portal is a feature of Bizmatics’ new software version called PrognoCIS Denali. PrognoCIS Denali offers improved face sheet presentation, seamless order management, integrated EOB/ERA processing, improved data analytics, and easy-to-read dashboards. Learn more about PrognoCIS Denali by scheduling a demonstration today.

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