Oncology EHR Software

Customizes your workflow to meet your requirements and your patients.


Oncology EHR software

Oncologists are physicians who conduct research, identification, and treatment of cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy. They are often the main health care provider for those suffering from cancer. Oncologists also provide supportive care and coordinate treatment administered by other specialists.

PrognoCIS understands the complexities that an oncologist faces in providing care and treatment to their patients. Our EHR software with practice management solution, therefore, offers features, functionalities and templates (cancer screening biopsies, treatment templates) along with a quick and easy interface with labs for reports, results, and e-prescription. Patient education materials are also available.


Oncology EHR Software Workflow:

  • Cancer screening biopsies, bone marrow biopsy, endoscopic biopsy, needle biopsy, skin biopsy, surgical biopsy, biopsy analysis, and results, etc.
  • Treatment templates: immunotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies, transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; angiogenesis inhibitors, hyperthermia in cancer treatment, lasers in cancer treatment.
  • Patient education materials are available or import your own.
  • Includes Rx Helper, a powerful prescription analytics tool that uses millions o de-identified prescriptions.
  • Charge capture is an automatic by-product of your documentation; customized SOAP note templates; E&M coding assistance.
  • HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified.

Oncology involves special training in the diagnosis, treatment, and management, PrognoCIS understands the support and care that oncologists and their clinic provide to their patients.


Our Oncology EHR is therefore built with custom features, reports, and templates to match your personalized needs and provide easy access to patient history, treatment, test results and more.

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