Ophthalmology EHR Software

Customizes your workflow to meet your requirements and your patients.

Ophthalmology EHR software

Ophthalmology covers the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the eye and visual system. An ophthalmologist helps preserve and improve vision in patients by examining the eyes to diagnose and treat problems. Some ophthalmologists specialize in eye surgery to correct and improve ocular disorders.

PrognoCIS helps ophthalmologists in conducting and providing comprehensive eye care. Our integrated, cloud-based EHR consists of templates focused on cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and more. Our software is also designed to create an intuitive workflow, efficient documentation, streamline communication, simplify administrative and financial tasks, and enhance physician and staffs productivity. Our EHR also delivers a wide range of other benefits; lab reports, patient portal, electronic prescriptions, click saving features and patient education materials.

Ophthalmology EHR Software Workflow:

  • Eye test templates include cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, with testing results 20/20 vision; ability to identify different colors; full visual field, proper eye muscle coordination; normal eye pressure and structures.
  • Software includes common HPI complaints: allergic conjunctivitis, cataract; procedure templates: corneal pachymetry, ocular motility; drawing tools: glaucoma, gonioscopy; and health maintenance tests: diabetes mellitus, hypertension screening, and more.
  • Patient education materials are available: dry eyes, URTI, etc.; or import your own.
  • Charge capture is an automatic by-product of your documentation; customized SOAP note templates; E&M coding assistance.
  • HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified.


  • Fully integrated EHR and practice management solution; access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication remotely. Includes Rx Helper, a powerful prescription analytics tool that uses millions of de-identified prescriptions.
  • New and returning patient treatment plans for common HPI complaints: allergic conjunctivitis, cataract; diagnostic templates; procedure templates: corneal pachymetry, ocular motility and drawing tools: glaucoma, gonioscopy, fundus; and health maintenance tests: diabetes mellitus, hypertension screening. Patient education materials are available: dry eyes, URTI; or import your own.
  • Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty; cloud-based or client server models deployable. Seamless communication between practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors.
  • Multiple methods of data entry, such as point and click, voice and handwriting recognition; complete scheduling management and health reminders; e-prescription and lab automation. iPhone and iPad compatible; new iPhone App feature: Dragon voice recognition.
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant; CCHIT, ONC-ATCB, and Meaningful Use certified; HL-7 interfacing.


  • Store and capture patient data quickly, securely and intuitively. With PrognoCIS, you and your staff can easily document patient data using multiple data entry methods such as point & click, voice recognition and handwriting recognition. Once data is contained within the EHR, Prognocis allows for lightning-fast retrieval using an intuitive search functionality that allows you to search across your entire patient database based on specific requests. No more hunting for missing charts.
  • Alert staff about patient health info, and decrease your liability. Keep staff aware of patient health maintenance, allergies, drug-drug interactions and more with frequent, timely updates, EHR notifications and alerts.
  • Communicate seamlessly with other medical facilities. Whether you need to share data with a laboratory, another physician or a pharmacy, PrognoCIS EHR makes it possible. We support multiple interfaces for the purpose of improved inter-office communication, collaboration, and overall patient care.
  • Practice more efficient billing. Each complaint within PrognoCIS has ICD codes assigned to it, making billing easier. Our software also enables you to confidently charge the appropriate level of service based on your encounter using our built-in E&M coding. Additionally, encounters are quickly converted to billable EDI and paper claims for fast reimbursements.
  • The latest technologies for your practice. PrognoCIS works with a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.
  • Our cloud-based technology allows for easy access over the Internet using a standard web browser.

To facilitate the transition, we assign all healthcare professionals a qualified implementation manager. This specialist’s job includes: gathering pertinent information, such as provider demographics, NPI number and Surescripts DEA number; coordinating the implementation of billing and lab interfaces; helping physicians get the EHR set up to match their practice’s workflow; and training a point of contact at the practice on how to use the EHR.


The implementation process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, but it can vary from one practice to the next.


We also offer a scanning and attaching service that’s cost-effective and time-saving. Attaching the now-scanned documents is the added value from our scanning service, other benefits include: digitizing your existing paper charts; having quick easy access to patient data that’s accurate and secure; and receiving HIPAA-compliant quality control. Since each practice is unique and the size of the practice is individualized, please discuss your needs with your PrognoCIS representative for an accurate price quote. Time and price varies depending on need.

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