Healthcare organizations have extensive amounts of data from their current EHRs and other technologies. But how can analysis of the data provide insights into opportunities for improved utilization and help them realize the value they expected? Access to the data is only the first step. Knowing how to analyze the data to develop and execute action plans is where healthcare organizations struggle.
Proper analysis of data from core technologies in use is often the key to identifying gaps and inefficiencies. Understanding the data provides the foundation for impactful action plans and maximizes the outcomes. However, executing action plans in a targeted manner requires dedicated effort and focus by resources skilled in the EHR and other technology as well as clinical workflows.
EHRs were designed as a “one-size fits all.” However, each specialty and care team member has a different workflow that requires not only inputting patient information but also being able to retrieve information from the patient’s record. Being able to input and retrieve data remains an area where care team members struggle when using the EHR. Many have questioned whether the technology is a problem rather than a solution to clinical productivity.
“We start with an actual workflow that providers need to care for their patients and identify impediments,” Pasha explains. “Analytics help us identify where we can improve the physician workflow. We then redesign those workflows and retrain the physicians.”

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