Pain Management EHR Software

Our innovative & specialized Pain Management tools synchronize seamlessly with your workflow

PrognoCIS offers industry-leading solutions for pain management specialists. Based on years of development and feedback from our customers

Our innovative tools created specifically for pain management provide an unparalleled workflow and experience.

Top-Rated Fully Customizable EHR Solution

Our pain management library contains documentation templates for the evaluation and treatment of common complaints and conditions. The content is focused on all aspects of pain management including

  1. Medication management
  2. Interventional procedures as well as holistic and
  3. Integrative treatment modalities. 

Our software creates an easily navigable and logical workflow to ensure desired outcomes for both – the provider and the patient. 


Pain Management EHR Software Templates

  • Causation
  • Frequency and duration of pain
  • Alleviating and aggravating factors
  • Previously tried treatments
  • Options and explanation of treatment plan to the patient and
  • Immediate family or caregiver.

Our templates can be easily customized as per your workflow and practice needs. 

  • Patient intake history of present illness (HPI)
  • Review of systems (ROS)
  • Physical examination and interventional procedures

Procedure templates produce a descriptive surgical note and are configured to automatically capture charges and diagnosis codes. Standardized screening tools such as the

  • ORT
  • Oswestry disability

are available as patient forms and specialty templates complete with computerized scoring.

  • drug screen randomization
  • A pill count
  • Risk of diversion assessment template and
  • Integrated PDMP (state controlled substance lookup tool). 

Key Features of our Pain Management EHR

We offer 3 different data entry or documentation methods. Providers can easily maneuver through the visit by choosing to point and click on a pre-established template or amend the template quickly if needed.  

Providers can also choose to dictate their notes by free typing, using a macro style quick text function, or by using a voice dictation device such as dragon, Mmodal or Siri.

A third data entry method called doctor forms offers the provider a customized data entry tool that can mimic a paper form. Each of these workflows is available during the same encounter so different providers in a practice can use the data entry method of choice.

All documentation areas offer both an automatic copy and a manual copy forward option to reduce the need to repeat data entry. 

With PrognoCIS, you can send a prescription directly to the pharmacy. Drug to Drug Interaction, Drug to Disease and Drug to Allergy notifications will pop up to notify the doctor in advance about the already written prescription. The doctor has the authority to override the notification if desired. Controlled Substances can also be e-prescribed through the EPCS functionality.  

Our integration with Surescripts allows availability of one year of medication history to enter or reconcile the patient’s current medication list.

Real time prescription benefit and formulary shows the patient’s medication copay and whether a medication is on the formulary. Alternatives are suggested for off formulary medications and an alert shows if a preauthorization is required.

Medication prior authorizations are done electronically and can be initiated at the time of prescribing. 

Templates are easily created or modified based on provider specific needs.  

Pre-built customizable templates for Pain Management Procedures include:  

  • CESI and LESI
  • Trigger Point Injections,
  • Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI)
  • Cervical Back Pain
  • Thoracic Region Selective
  • Nerve Root Blocks
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  • Discography
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation 
  •  Joint Injections  
  • Epidural Scar Tissue Lysis
  • Medial Nerve Block and Facet Joint Injections  
  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression
  • Facet Joint Procedures

i) Intra Articular Joint or Medial Branch Block

ii) Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) / “Destruction” of Facet Joint

PrognoCIS’ procedure templates allows a provider to document a procedure in seconds. Each procedure template produces a narrative surgical note tailored to the provider’s unique approach.

CPT, ICD and medication Jcodes are embedded into the template to automatically add charges and diagnoses to the patient’s encounter and claim. Durable medical equipment (DME) templates can be configured to meet Medicare/DMEPOS documentation guidelines including device warranty and delivery ticket.

Anatomical diagrams are available for physical examination and procedure documentation to show injection sites. The user can draw on the diagram, drop pins and add comment bubbles. Pictures can also be uploaded to the patient’s chart and can be embedded directly into the progress note. C Arm images can also be attached. 

Anatomical Diagrams such as Dermatomes, Male and Female -

  • Front Side
  • Back Side
  • Right Lateral View
  • Left Lateral View
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Forearm
  • Elbow
  • Hand
  • Abdomen
  • Hip/Thigh – Front and Back
  • Knee - Front and Back
  • Leg
  • Foot - Dorsal and Plantar
  • Ankle - Right and Left
  • Dermatome of the Arm
  • Dermatome of the Palm
  • Dermatome of the Leg
  • Straight Leg Raise
  • Spine etc. 

PrognoCIS offers a comprehensive database of predefined complaint templates.

Each HPI complaint contains pre-built documentation elements as drop downs and checkboxes which guides the user to enter specific information such as a pain scale, location, duration, alleviating and aggravating factors, previous treatments and assistive devices used.

A narrative notes section offers users the ability to free text or use a quick text/macro feature to enter commonly used phrases.

Each template enters the associated diagnosis (ICD) code into the patient’s encounter.

Complaint templates can also be configured to automatically add information to the plan for that diagnosis as well as to pre-determine which physical exam template needs to be completed for the associated condition.

Popular pain management complaint HPI templates include

  • low back pain
  • knee pain
  • cervical neck pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • complex regional pain syndrome and
  • fibromyalgia 

PrognoCIS offers a library of standardized screening tools for pain management and associated conditions. These tools are available for staff or patients to complete in the patient portal or Pro-checkIn tablet based patient intake system. When added to the patient’s chart, these templates are automatically scored. Like procedure templates, associated ICD and CPT codes can be added to the patient’s encounter when the template is saved. Popular screening tools include: 

  1. Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) 
  2. Neck Disability Index  
  3. Neck Pain and Disability Index (Vernon-Minor)  
  4. Oswestry Disability Index  
  5. Oswestry Questionnaire   
  6. Duties under Duress/Loss of Enjoyment (DUD, LOE) 
  7. PHQ Depression Screening 

PrognoCIS offers multiple tools to avoid lost revenueAutomated appointments reminders can be sent via text at your preferred time. Patients are marked confirmed on the schedule based on their response.

Patients appear on a follow up list if an appointment has not been scheduled within the time frame set in the previous appointment. Health Maintenance gives clinics the ability to assign protocols based on condition/diagnosis to a patient’s chart and to track key due dates including repeat procedures.

Reports are available to monitor missed appointments, missed follow ups, unconfirmed appointments, repeat procedures due, and more. 

We value your time and understand the time you invest in every ‘Click’ is important to you.

PrognoCIS EHR allows you to customize your own workflows specific to the logged-in user, type of visit, etc. and setup screen navigation accordingly.

Multiple Workflows can be defined based on whether it's a Provider visit or a Nurse Visit, whether it is a new patient visit or an established patient visit etc. Customize your workflow with PrognoCIS Pain Management EHR and ‘Save your Clicks

Track your practice's performance using PrognoCIS’s exclusive Dashboard feature.

The dashboard allows you to run up to 9 reports at once and can be filtered by date, provider or location.

Reports are shown in graphical representation in your choice of format such as bar or line graph, speedometer gauge or data grid. This powerful tool makes tracking key performance indicators an automated process. 

PrognoCIS offers multiple tools to track incoming and outgoing referrals, internal and external orders.

The order sheet functionality for laboratory testing, radiology, consults(referrals), DME (durable medical equipment) and procedures allows providers to order a variety of items from one screen. Order sets are used to order multiple items with one clinic.

Providers can setup a pre-determined list of preferred items that appear first for easy access. The CPOE (computerized physician order entry) module stores an inventory of open orders and provides a dynamic reporting and monitoring tool. 

 The Referral Tracking module allow clinic to track incoming referrals and store referring provider records. Clinics use this area to document referral status and communication with the insurance company and patient prior to scheduling their first appointment.

The Referring Provider portal allows referring providers to send patient referrals and to retrieve their own records for their patients. 

Pre-Authorizations and Case Management for Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury 

Clinics can choose from several options for tracking prior authorizations in PrognoCIS. A Pre Authorization module automatically adds orders to a list of items requiring pre authorization. This module is a dynamic report that allows a staff member to document work to obtain the pre authorization and is sorted by status.

Pre authorizations can be attached to future procedures and appointments, ensuring the pre-auth number follows the charges to the claim. Medication pre-authorizations can be done electronically in the prescription screen. 

The Case Management module gives users a place to document multiple data points including case number, body part affected, contact information for attorney and adjusters.

A user definable area allows the practice to create their own fields to suit their needs. Case Management is suitable for Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury cases and multiple cases can be assigned to a single patient chart.

Cases can be attached at the point of scheduling ensuring that the case information required for billing flows through the encounter and onto the claim without manual entry.

An Attorney Portal has a configurable dashboard that shows billing data and allows the attorney to retrieve personal injury records and documentation. 

How It Benefits Your Practice?

Technical Support is available 24/7 available via chat, email/ticket system or phone. Regular upgrades and updates are thoroughly tested and then deployed through a software patch system afterhours in the background so your workflow is unaffected.

Clients have access to a Resource Center containing training videos, step by step user guides, new feature release information and a software feedback section. 

Communicate seamlessly with other medical facilities via integrated faxing, secure email, or a referring provider portal. 

PrognoCIS makes it possible to share data with a laboratory, another physician or a pharmacy. We have developed over 100 interfaces for the purpose of improved inter-office communication, collaboration, and overall patient care. 

A built-in inbox with alerts notifies providers and staff of key events and incoming items such as lab results, messages and referrals. Messages can be routed to a group of users to avoid missing something urgent or important.

Users can create patient alerts that pop ups up on a specific action. Features called Expressions and Guidelines give a practice the ability to have messages or reminders automatically pop up based on a multitude of parameters. 

Keep staff aware of patient health maintenance, allergies, drug-drug interactions and more with frequent, timely updates with the help of EHR Notifications and Alerts.  


PrognoCIS works with a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Our cloud-based technology provides easy access to the Internet using a standard web browser.

Accessing PrognoCIS EHR Software is achievable from any location given the availability of internet access

PrognoCIS Pain Management EMR offers a customized workflow to fit your practice needs. Innovative tools created specifically for pain management such as drug screen randomization and pill count templates address the intricacies unique to treating patients with chronic pain.

Flexible configuration allows providers to choose from multiple documentation methods from point and click templates to voice dictation or free text. Lists of preferred items such as medications, diagnoses, and orders allow for quick data entry.

Standardized screening tools with built in scoring take away the guess work. The ability to see multiple things in one screen simplifies finding historical information and reduces clicks. 

Our cloud-based technology is easily accessible on any computer using a standard browser. The safety of patient data is our primary concern. We value your interests in the security and safety of patient records and ensure privacy for Patient-Provider Communication

Our software, hosted on AWS is ONC, Meaningful Use and HIPAA certified to protect your patient data 

Ready to explore our EHR ?


What People Say

"I have worked with Prognocis for about 10 years and have really enjoyed the support and product. The EMR is very convenient for me to access everything I need to make clinical decisions quickly. Ordering test, completing my chart, and sending electronic prescriptions are some of my favorite features. We also use the medical billing software because it is seamless with our EMR. Our billing staff is able to accomplish their job efficiently using the system. I highly recommend Prognocis."
Dr. Marc Cheng
"I used that Free EMR for my practice but the structure was too cumbersome and offered no support which slowed me down and prevented me from seeing additional patients. PrognoCIS workflow; however, is easy and I am able to see more patients with better documentation which more than pays for its self.”
Dr. Paul Chiu

Dr. Ravi Panjabi – The American College of Sports Medicine is a network of over 50,000 pain management professionals. 

What is Pain Management? 

Pain Management involves a wide variety of treatment methods for chronic and acute pain. For this reason, PrognoCIS Pain Management clinic EHR software offers specific templates, chronic pain management template,s and content for patient evaluation, interventional treatments, medication management, and more.

PrognoCIS EHR has a customizable workflow combined with ease of use and rich, mature depth of content in the Pain Management specialty makes for a unique experience. The workflow built into the software is and has a strong logical path to ensure providers questions are asked, and the patient response matches this workflow. These functionalities can best match the quality of care and results monitoring.

What our Simple, modern and Efficient EHR offers in a snapshot

  • Pain management templates: trigger point injections, epidural steroid injection cervical, back pain thoracic region, spinal cord stimulation, and more – easy to create or modify.
  • Detailed anatomical diagrams for annotation of pain, procedures, injection sites.
  • Pre-built customizable templates for procedures including CESI and LESI. 
  • Ability to copy forward prior HPI, ROS, & Physical into the current encounter.
  • E-prescribing built-in and certified for e-prescribing of controlled substances.
  • Patient Portal for greater Patient Engagement
  • Content for patient evaluation, interventional treatments, medication management 
  • Referral management 
  • Case Management 
  • Chronic Care Management 
  • HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use certified

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

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PrognoCIS Demo

We would like to invite you to take a demonstration of PrognoCIS EHR to fully appreciate the depth of content, features and simplicity of use.

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