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March 21st, 2018 - By Chris Ferguson

Why is PrognoCIS Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) the choice for so many pain clinics?

PrognoCIS EHR: Features and Benefits of an industry leading medical software package.

Pain Management is a very important step in providing relief to the recovery of a patient in pain. Pain can be associated with any physical condition and treatment for each can have a variety of options. Patients suffering from chronic pain need immediate relief. Accidents, genetic make up are some of the leading factors attributed to causing pain. The pain can come from any variety conditions such as genetics or accidents bringing the sensation of pain.

Why do medical practices who specialize in pain management use electronic healthcare records?

Two important features that providers rely on are clean, smooth specific workflow and rich content to better document the treatment of their patients. The PrognoCIS EHR workflow is a check-in to back-end software. Patient scheduling is easy to read, provides a clean view of the practice and has individually selected color coding for different patient visit types, and comes with a multi-location layout.

PrognoCIS EHR for Pain Management is mature – ready to pick up and start documenting. The content based on diagnosis and procedures are held in a vast pain library. Additionally, a benefit to using PrognoCIS is the ability to tweak or load your own specialized templates to thoroughly document the patient encounter. Some preloaded templates include but are not limited to invasive or noninvasive procedures: trigger point injections, selective nerve root blocks, and minimally invasive lumbar decompression. There is also an easy to see and follow navigation buttons down the left side of the user screen.

Electronic Prescriptions and its tracking are key to a successful pain management practice and PrognoCIS has it incorporated as one of its very important feature. The E-prescribing module allows for a user-friendly experience. The drug being prescribed has a drop down of writing instructions to include dose, strength, frequency, and length of time before refill orders are requested. This software has interaction and drug conflicts built in the system. The prescribing doctor can override any Drug-to-Drug, Drug-to-Disease or Drug-to-Allergy interactions that may conflict with any current medications (even if the conflicting medications are prescribed by other medical professionals).

PrognoCIS has had a long term partnership with SureScripts as the conduit of electronic prescription. Medical providers write and submit millions of electronic prescriptions through this software. PrognoCIS EHR for Pain Management was the pioneer – one of the very first Electronic Healthcare Records software programs to e-prescribe narcotic drug without a “Wet Signature” – the provider can write, transmit and have narcotic prescriptions filled by the pharmacy of patient’s choice.

The patient clinical note of encounter is documented and signed off by the provider. The note includes name, address, and phone number of the clinic and is preloaded with the clinic letterhead and electronic signature as provided by the doctor. The specialist can then send a complete note to the referring doctor directly through the PrognoCIS Provider Portal. All features and benefits as designed for efficiency and productivity for the Pain Management Provider.

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