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Patient Engagement Mobile Apps, PrognoCIS enables secure communication between the patient and provider from anywhere
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PrognoCIS EHR Patient Portal

PrognoCIS allows patients and practices to connect from any device type that’s connected to the internet – tablets, smartphones, PCs or Macs. To start using this time-saving feature, simply download from the App Store℠ and log in with your PrognoCIS credentials to begin.

  • Send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients
  • Two-Factor authentication process  protects your devices and date
  • Check and request appointments, view lab results, examine statements, and request prescription refills
  • Easily communicate with patients’ other physicians without the potential delay of phone messages
  • Post balance statements and allow patients to complete transactions within the patient portal
  • Save time by having patients complete forms online
  • Quickly exchange patient data in a HIPAA compliant, secure fashion

Patient Engagement Via Patient Portal

Our portal provides secure communication between patients and providers. Medical staff can send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients. Data is exchanged through each patient portal in a HIPAA compliant, secure fashion. The patient can fill out the paperwork in the comfort of their own home, or on a touchscreen kiosk that can be set up in the practice lobby.

We also offer a feature to create patient forms in Spanish. With the upgrade to PrognoCIS Denali, you can send documents directly from the application to the Portal, Employer Portal, and Referring Physician Portal. Download our Patient Portal brochure or our EHR Portals brochure for more information.

PrognoCIS My Health Records Patient Mobile App

Working in conjunction with the PrognoCIS portal the PrognoCIS My Health Records app was developed to allow patients to easily keep track of their health records, prescriptions, billing statements, and more. Learn more about PrognoCIS Mobile App Solutions.

Download it today on Google Play™ and on the App Store℠.

Patient’s Support for Patient Portal

If you are a patient seeking support for your physician’s patient portal, please note that while we would certainly like to help, privacy laws prevent us from providing any details. Your physician’s office administrator is the first line of contact for supporting a patient’s account.


ProCheckIn lets patients securely complete all the necessary paperwork and legal documents, prior to their appointment eliminating additional waiting time.

The login process is completely secure. It validates all the details entered on the Login screen. The Patient Forms and Legal Documents submitted via ProCheckIn automatically synchronize with our flagship product PrognoCIS EHR in real-time and updates the patient’s record. Patients no longer have to wait to get the clinic to mark their appointments as “Arrived”. They can directly log in using any mobile device – iPads, tablets or computers, and seamlessly Check-In to the clinic for their scheduled appointment.

Legal Documents are electronically signed by the patients, using our HIPAA compliant eSignature feature,  eliminating the high-cost paper-based process of printing, and faxing. You can control the documents shared for signing via PrognoCIS EHR and ensure that all information entered is authenticated, while remaining both private and secure.

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Provision to attach documents on Patient Portal


Attach documents on Patient Portal
PrognoCIS takes a step further to enhance their Patient Portal App. We released a new feature which allows patients to attach their past medical records or any other documents from Patient Portal App and send it to the clinic for review. The feature was already available on the browser version of Patient Portal. We have just made the same feature available on the mobile app too.

Earlier the Patient could attach documents or send reference link from Patient Portal web browser only. Now this provision has been added to the Patient Portal App i.e. My Health Records as well.

A new Attach Documents icon has been provided on the Home screen of My Health Records App. A tap on this icon would invoke the screen in the same manner as Attach Documents screen on Patient Portal web.

To attach a document: The patient has to tap on the Attach option, select the Category of the document, enter Subject, and attach the required document by tapping on Attach button. It is mandatory for a Patient to select the Category.

The list of file extensions that are allowed to be attached is displayed in red below the Attach button.

To send a Reference Link: Patient has to tap on the Reference Link option then on the invoked popup, enter required reference link and notes, and tap on the Attach button.

Document List section: All the attached documents are displayed in this section. It displays information such as Category, Subject, Status, Reason, and Date of the document. To preview any document, the Patient has to tap on the zoom icon.

The Patient also has provision to sort the attached documents list in ascending or descending order of Date, Category, or Subject

PrognoCIS offers powerful solutions to medical practitioners which include Practice Management Software , Telemedicine Solutions and Medical Credentialing, e-faxing, and texting. For more information contact us.

A patient portal can even be used to help market a practice – check out the infographic below, based on the blog article “Promote your Practice with Patient Portal and Google” or download the  Promoting With Patient Portal Infographic.

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